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[Bonus Round] Apoc Wars, QbQbQb, And Gurk III

Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got a mobilized, social-savvy real-time strategy game, yet another minimal puzzler, and an unapologetically old-school RPG.

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[New Game] Planets Defense Lands On The Play Store, Reminds You Of How Much We Want StarCraft

There is no denying that real-time strategy games are a hard nut to crack on mobile devices. It's tough to fit all of the intricate play mechanics, complicated strategy, and extensive storyline into a touchscreen. Planets Defense does a great job of making the controls work for high-speed gameplay and micro-management, but it still isn't quite a fully realized strategy experience. All things considered, it's still lot of fun and one of the best efforts I've seen.

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Ant Raid Review: Lead Your Tiny Minions To Victory

The comings and going of ants are rarely fodder for a good strategy game, but when you think about it, they're tailor made. Ants have lots of natural enemies, a hive-mind social structure for you to command, and ants don't take crap from anyone (ever step on an anthill?). In Ant Raid, you take command of a group of anthropomorphized ants under attack from all sides. Snails, wasps, and all manner of other small-stature troublemakers are out to destroy the colony, and you're the only one that can stop them.

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[New Game] Herocraft's Ant Raid Lands On Android To Fight For Queen And Colony

Ant Raid has been a long time coming for Android gamers. After the game received no small amount of notoriety on iOS, Herocraft has finally seen fit to release it to our fair platform, just in time for you to ignore your family over the holidays. Even better, they're discounting it for the launch, so you can pick it up for just a dollar at the moment.

The gameplay is somewhere between Starcraft and Pikmin.

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Sega Releases Total War Battles: Shogun For Android, Brings Real-Time Strategy Designed For Touchscreens

Fans of Sega's Total War series are in for a treat tonight, as the company has just released its newest offerings to the Play Store. Dubbed Total War Battles: Shogun, this real-time strategy title takes you back to medieval Japan on a quest for extreme supremacy.

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With over 10 hours of "story-driven campaign," TWB: Shogun will certainly fill up some free time, and its touch-intuitive interface will provide the best experience possible.

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Z Origins Makes Its Way To Android, Reminds You That RTS Games Existed Before Command And Conquer

It seems that mobile gaming is a haven for all the old classics to reappear. Rising even further from the ashes of the past than most other recent arrivals comes Z Origins, a remake of the RTS from the DOS days simply called "Z" by The Bitmap Brothers. It predates notable fan favorite Command and Conquer from Westwood Studios. Though it did come out roughly four years after Dune II (also from Westwood) which served as the archetype for most RTS games to follow, Z departs from traditional RTS gameplay in that collection of resources and structure construction as a requisite for certain units were not part of the game.

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[Teaser] Liquid Entertainment Is Bringing 'Battle Realms' To Android, But Not In Its Classic Form... Yet

Fans of the classic game Battle Realms have a real treat coming sometime next year (I know, that's still a while from now, but good things come to those who wait), as Liquid Entertainment is bringing a version of the game to Android. It's not the same style of Battle Realms that you fell in love with years ago, however - it's going to be a collectible card style game set in the traditional Battle Realms world.

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[New App Review] Pax Britannica Gives Us One-Button, Competitive Strategy

Pax Britannica for Android is a port of the open-source game of the same name. Marketed as "the one button strategy game," Pax lives up to its word. Players take control of an underwater factory ship that is locked in combat with another ship of similar function.

Each ship it outfitted with a dial which allows it to spawn individual ships. This is accomplished by a player pressing and holding their finger on their assigned section of the screen: the needle on the dial unwinds clockwise, and each quadrant of the dial spawns a different ship.

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