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Gmail v5.6 Sets The Stage For Rich Text Formatting And Integration With Calendar Events [APK Teardown + Download]

The app updates hit quickly yesterday as about a dozen Google apps were given new versions. Among them, Gmail made an incremental bump to v5.6. There aren't any new features to speak of, but a look inside the apk gave up the goods on a couple of interesting additions we can look forward to in the future. Users will soon have the option to send email with richly formatted text. On top of that, there are signs that we'll soon have deep calendar integration, which should make for smarter and more intuitive auto-suggest results.

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... Launches Catch Pro, We Give Away Three 6-Month And Two 1-Year Subscriptions

This contest is now over. We have selected the winners - see if you are one of them towards the bottom of the page.

If you've ever used your phone for notetaking, you've no doubt heard of Catch Notes, and its impressive stats in the Market (i.e. a 4.5-star average rating and over a million downloads) are a great representation of its overall quality. It's got many unique features - organization is done with geo-tagging and Twitter-like hash tags, and the app also offers great social capabilities as well as SSL encryption. Furthermore, its fit and finish are unrivaled. Have a look:

ss-0-320-480-160-2-57dd41d8147bd52343694f83d1b399b21161f52c ss-2-320-480-160-1-d205f6f4f9bad2214838d25a1e3fb3e065c37177 ss-1-320-480-160-2-374067701f56119adebedda3c2b5ea618e9526a2

And with the recently launched Catch Pro, the service got even better - the optional add-on brings 1GB of storage and greater attachment support (namely, compatibility with PDF, RTF, and Microsoft Office files).

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