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The best curated news apps for Android smartphones

Reading the news is probably the last thing you want to do right now while the world is shrouded in doom and gloom. But at least there are many reading apps based on algorithms, so you can manually instruct them whether or not to deliver the headlines on the end times as it's happening.

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Feedly updates web app with dark mode, right-click menus, and more

Feedly is one of the best RSS readers around, with support for cloud syncing, filters, and much more. The mobile apps received a nice redesign at the end of last year, and now Feedly has focused its attention on the web application.

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Feedly introduces Mute Filters, a tool to automatically and selectively remove items from your feeds

Feedly, the popular RSS feed aggregator, has just introduced a new feature for Feedly Pro users called Mute Filters. Now you can set up a list of keywords, combined with some operators, to selectively filter your feeds. If seeing news on subjects like fidget spinners or Pokemon GO has been slowly driving you mad, you now have recourse.

If you are into following blogs or news outlets via RSS feeds, there aren't a lot of choices out there. Feedly has become one of the biggest names in the wake of the still-lamented death of Google Reader. Any user of Feedly or RSS feeds has likely spent a lot of time curating their list already, so another avenue of customization for the news you see is bound to be a good thing.

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Quote, From The Developer Of Fenix, Is A Slick News Reader For Feedly And Inoreader

I've made Fenix my go-to Twitter client for a rather long time, and I'm not alone in that. That's the only app developer mvilla has released... until now. The second app from this dev is a feed reader with support for both Feedly and Inoreader. It has a very clean, minimalist design, and you can give it a shot for free.

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Feedly Rolling Out v27 With Google Now Integration, Power Search, And Better Auto-Complete [APK Download]

There's a new version of Feedly out there, but it looks like a staged rollout (currently a beta channel release). Normally that wouldn't be a huge deal, because it's just a feed reader. However, there's some cool stuff in the v27 update. This one adds Google Now integration, and we've got the APK below.

Screenshot_2015-05-04-15-46-33 Screenshot_2015-05-04-15-47-25 Screenshot_2015-05-04-15-46-56

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Taptu News Reader Service Shutting Down, Developers Recommend Feedly As A Replacement

Do you use Taptu to read news and entertainment stories? Statistically speaking, the answer is no - we haven't even written a single story on the aggregator in over four years. Taptu is, or more accurately was, a sort of curated platform that pulled news and other stories from both a user's own social networks and a series of pre-made topical feeds. According to messages being sent to users of the app, the entire service will shut down tomorrow, March 31st.

Screenshot_2015-03-26-08-11-32 Screenshot_2015-03-26-08-12-33

The Play Store and iOS App Store pages for Taptu's mobile apps are now empty, though you may be able to access the Play Store's if you've installed Taptu previously.

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Palabre Is A New RSS Reader With A Simple, Material Design And Feedly Compatibility

Need a new RSS reader? Do you just want one that conforms to Material Design guidelines? Palabre might be for you. This simple, new app is fairly straightforward. You have a pretty interface with a little customizability and Feedly integration so that you don't have to rebuild your RSS lists.

Screenshot_2015-02-19-08-43-28 Screenshot_2015-02-19-08-44-43 IMG_20150219_085701

Overall, things look good enough that I'm going to forgive that mustard yellow hamburger menu. That shade looks nice and unique as an accent color throughout the rest of the interface, but it's a little too big of a dose there. Palabre isn't reinventing the wheel here, so don't look for any groundbreaking features - at least not yet.

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gReader Gets Material Design And Lollipop Support In 4.0 Update, Is Actually Material And Still Has Customizable Themes

In a major update, gReader has given itself a brand new look in addition to support for Lollipop devices. Unlike many recent app updates that have claimed to add Material Design, gReader is not exaggerating in their claim; it looks very good. And, true to form, gReader has preserved the ability to customize its look with themes, so you can still make it your own.

view_menu-182x300 feedlist_sepia-182x300 home_card_green-182x300 podcast_play-182x300

gReader’s 3.x versions already had a fairly modern look, so it wasn’t a great leap to conform to Material Design guidelines. Nonetheless, when comparing the new and old look, the redesign looks far better.

And while this cannot be adequately conveyed through pictures, the 4.0 update really nails the animations that make Material Design more than just a color palette.

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PSA: Feedly Experiencing Prolonged DDoS Attack, Service Offline For Several Hours So Far [Update]

Feedly has been one of the most popular feed readers in the wake of the Google Reader shutdown, but the service is having a rough morning. A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack was launched on Feedly late last night and has continued all morning. According to the Feedly blog, the company is working to mitigate the impact and bring Feedly back online, but it's slow going.

Update 1: Feedly says the attack was neutralized as of 3:07PM PT. Everything should be getting back to normal now.

Update 2: A second wave of DDoS attacks spun up on June 12th. These were neutralized as of 11:30AM PT.

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Feedly App Update Finally Changes Back Button Behavior To Be Less Annoying, Easy Switching To Next Feed

If there's one thing that's kept me from using Feedly's official app, as opposed to using more conventional RSS-style readers in the wake of the Google Reader collapse, it's the interface. Aside from the fact that I find it kind of clunky in general, the inconsistent back button behavior is a real downer. With the latest app update (version 18.1.3), it becomes a little bit less of a headache.

Screenshot_2014-03-03-09-00-45 Screenshot_2014-03-03-09-00-58

Now when you go through the various screens you've viewed with the back button, you'll open the "level selector" (read: the swipe-out side menu that shows all your feeds). Tap the back button again to exit the app completely.

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