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Fearless Fantasy Arrives In The Play Store, Remains Just As Quirky And Vaguely Creepy As Ever

Swords, forests, and monsters are par for the course in turn-based RPGs, but tinyBuild's Fearless Fantasy manages to include all of these things while still feeling fresh and original. After first launching on Steam for PCs and making its way over to iOS and the Amazon Appstore, the game has now made an appearance in the Play Store.

This RPG's art style is fearless in its design and instantly memorable.

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First Star Wars: Uprising Gameplay Video Doesn't Look Entirely Terrible


Dragon Quest VI Is The Latest Square Enix Port To Hit The Play Store: $15 To Get Your JRPG On

Square Enix, listen to me: stop making Android ports. Please. You're really bad at it. All of these games, most of which are decades old and extremely expensive by mobile standards, are embarrassingly lacking in polish and features.

Take the latest, Dragon Quest VI. By all accounts it's a classic JRPG, and one that many never got to play in the west since the original Super NES version was only released in Japan.

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Dungeon-Crawling RPG Torchlight is Coming To Android Later This Year

In many ways, Torchlight and Torchlight II are better at Diablo-style RPG gameplay than Diablo itself is these days. These games were released on PC several years ago, but now Torchlight is coming to Android (and iOS) later this year. Get hype.


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Square Enix Ports The PSP Remake Of Fan Favorite 'Final Fantasy Tactics' To Android For $13.99

Final Fantasy Tactics was an oddball when it was first released for the PlayStation in 1997 - ostensibly a member of the never-repeating (at the time) Final Fantasy series, the game broke from the familiar turn-based battles with a new isometric system that put a huge emphasis on tactical positioning and strategic use of classes and attack ranges. While FFT never got the attention of the standard numbered RPGs in the series, it became a sleeper hit, and the original was kept alive with a few sequels and remakes.

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The Upcoming Game 'Star Wars: Uprising' Will Fill In The Gaps Between Jedi And The Force Awakens

You might have heard that Disney is releasing a new Star Wars film at the end of this year. You might also have heard that it has tossed out almost all the non-film pre-acquisition content produced under license from Lucasfilm. That leaves a lot of gaps in Star Wars canon, but the upcoming mobile game Star Wars: Uprising might get things back on track a bit. It's set between Return of the Jedi and the new film.

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Weird Turn-Based RPG 'Fearless Fantasy' Comes To Android Via The Amazon Appstore

Fearless Fantasy might make you do a double-take. Yes, the characters actually look like that. They're quirky. The entire art style is peculiar, and it sets you up for what to expect from the rest of the experience. This isn't your usual role-playing game.


Fearless Fantasy treats us to an original plot accompanied by animated cutscenes and voice-overs. You play as Leon, a bounty hunter who is out to slay the world's most dangerous creatures and save a girl from a horrible marriage.

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[Game Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Games Of May 2015

The biggest Android gaming news of the month was certainly the release of NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV, and it brought with it quite a few high-profile PC ports. But since the vast majority of readers don't have one, I've decided to restrict this month's top picks to more general smartphone and tablet games. Fear not, SHIELD early adopters: you get your own picks down there below the honorable mention section.


Grim Fandango Remastered

Android Police coverage: Double Fine Productions Brings Grim Fandango Remastered To Android, On Sale For Launch At $9.99

Grim Fandango is widely considered one of the best point-and-click adventure games ever made, and now it can be had on Android for the hefty sum of ten bucks.

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Square Enix Brings Its Latest Original RPG, Chaos Rings III, To The Play Store For $20

Chaos Rings is Square Enix's only RPG series that started on mobile, namely on iOS and then ported to Android. The series is actually developed by Media Vision and only published by Square, but it's hard not to see the latter's influence on thirty years of Japanese RPGs in the games. The latest release is Chaos Rings III (actually the fourth game to hit Android), now available in the Play Store for a hefty $19.99, thankfully without in-app purchases.

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Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Makes A Saving Throw, Ventures Into The Play Store

The original Knights of Pen & Paper was hugely popular on Android, and now the second iteration is ready to play. It's time to don your robe and wizard hat and get ready for an adventure. This game will be familiar to fans of the original, but there are some surprises lurking in that game room too.

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