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Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs brings bird-flinging fun into the real world

The original Angry Birds was one of the first cultural phenomenons in mobile gaming, eventually spawning multiple sequels, a movie franchise, and a really ugly dress. Now, there's an augmented reality version of Angry Birds, and you can play it on any Android device with ARCore compatibility. There are ads and in-app purchases, but the game is pretty fun.

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Bad Piggies Review: Rovio's Latest Game Brings Out The Engineer In All Of Us

How do you follow up an earth-shattering hit like Angry Birds? Not with Amazing Alex, Rovio's first property to branch out of their only previous IP. The game currently sits with only a tiny fraction of the downloads of Angry Birds, even on the free version. So with the third go-round, they've gone back to create a spinoff featuring the antagonists of the aggravated avians: Bad Piggies. The new game is a combination of the previous two, combining the simple physics-based goals of Angry Birds and the contraption building of Amazing Alex.


So, do the pigs deliver? Certainly. Rovio's strength is in simple premises that become more and more complex, and Bad Piggies exemplifies this ethos, while adding more complexity and variation than either of the previous titles.

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