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[Deal Alert] Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank On Sale For Just $120 ($30 Off)

Many useful products have gone on sale this past weekend, including tablets, phones, chargers, batteries, earbuds, speakers, and more or less anything you could possibly want to pair with a mobile handset. But we've had enough of useful - now it's time for cool. Brookstone's Rover 2.0 wireless spy tank is now available for $50 off. You can get it from Amazon for just $99.99.

Update: Amazon's price has changed to match Brookstone's.

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DroidRover: Ubernerds Team Up To Create Android-Controlled Rover

We received a tip in the wee hours of the morning that we managed to miss until now, despite its overwhelming awesomeness. In short, it's a video demonstration of a Senseta rover running with custom hardware and controlled by a Nexus One, although it looks like it will run on any Android device with Bluetooth.

The combination of Android and the simplified hardware allows for a simpler setup that saves weight, and in a little bugger like this, any lost weight counts for a lot.

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