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TP-Link announces Deco M4 mesh router system with IFTTT and Alexa support

You can still get a single router if that's your speed, but most manufacturers have started pushing mesh systems. TP-Link has a few, and you can add another one to the list today. The budget-oriented Deco M4 comes with three AC1200 hubs and support for smart home automation for $179.99.

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Samsung announces SmartThings Wifi with Plume mesh technology and built-in SmartThings hub

You probably have a Wi-Fi router, and you might have a smart home hub of some sort as well. Why not make those devices the same thing? That's Samsung's latest router, which it calls the SmartThings Wifi. This replaces Samsung's old Home Connect router with SmartThings integration. This time, Samsung's system has Mesh networking thanks to a partnership with Plume.

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Comcast launches a mesh WiFi system with the $119 xFi Pod kit

Using a single router is so 2014. Now, everyone is into mesh WiFi systems like Eero and Google Wifi. Not to be outdone, Comcast has its own mesh system that connects to the Xfinity Internet Gateway. The new xFi Pods are now available as a three-pack for $119.

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Asus announces new Lyra Trio mesh WiFi system

The wireless connectivity veterans at Asus announced a new mesh WiFi system today called Lyra Trio. The white-and-blue devices are pretty functionally similar to last year's Lyra system: Lyra Trio comes as a three-pack (obviously), the three individual routers working in concert to blanket a large area in WiFi coverage. This year's model is cheaper, though: the Lyra Trio will retail for $299.99, as opposed to the 2017 model, which went for $399.99 at launch.

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Netgear announces outdoor satellite for its Orbi mesh router system

Having a single router in your home is so 2015. Everyone is doing this mesh router thing now, which means you have two or more access points in order to provide better coverage. Netgear is looking to take its mesh router beyond the confines of your indoor space with the new Orbi outdoor satellite. While it's not supposed to be "official" until CES next week, Netgear has made all the details available.

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Asus Lyra mesh WiFi system is available today for $399.99

Remember the days when you would just have one router? How did we ever survive? Today's home WiFi systems come with mutliple access points connected in a mesh network for better coverage and throughput. Google has Google Wifi, Linksys has Velop, and there are many more. Today, Asus' new Lyra mesh networking system is available for purchase. It's a bit more spendy than some of the competition, though.

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The open source GaleForce project lets you root Google Wifi

Google Wifi came out last year to join the increasingly competitive mesh router market. It has a competitive price compared to the competition, and we found the performance to be solid. It might be nice if it had a few more features, though, right? That's where the GaleForce project comes in. You can use GaleForce to tweak your Google Wifi and gain root access, but it's not for the faint of heart.

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A new version of Google Wifi pops up at the FCC without ZigBee support

Google's mesh router system only launched in late 2016, but it looks like a new version is already in the works. An FCC filing from Google appears to describe a new version of Google Wifi. The model number is different than the current device, and one of the wireless bands is missing. What's up with that? It looks like Google is ditching the ZigBee IoT protocol.

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TP-Link gets into mesh routers with the Deco M5

One router just isn't cool anymore. Everyone who's anyone has released a mesh router system that uses multiple APs to blanket spaces with wireless coverage. TP-Link, which made the first OnHub device for Google, has now released its own mesh router system called Deco M5. It will compete directly with Google Wifi, Netgear Orbi, Eero, and others.

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Google acknowledges data count bug with OnHub/Google WiFi mesh networks

Modern routers can do some cool things, especially if you're using the new Google WiFi mesh routers. They can cover your home in a healthy glow of electromagnetic waves, intelligently connect to devices, and keep track of your data usage. However, linking Google WiFi with an OnHub can result in some weird data usage stats. Google now says it's aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

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