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Android Q Beta 2 fixes screenshots, no longer shows rounded corners and notches

Thank the heavens: Google has fixed the screenshot issue from Q Beta 1 that caused rounded corners and notches to be visible. Unsurprisingly, people were not happy with their screenshots being made so ugly, so we're glad that Google has reverted this so quickly.

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The Verge reveals [some of] the LG G6 in leaked photo, with rounded screen corners

Last year's LG G5 didn't do so hot, largely owing to its embarrassing build quality and poorly-executed modularity push. Judging from this latest leaked image, the Korean tech giant is looking to correct the mistakes it made with the upcoming G6.

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[New App] RoundR Rounds The Corners Of Your Device's Screen, Because Why Not?

As an Android site, we try to keep a close eye on newcomers to the Play Store. Sometimes that helps us find new, innovative, and highly useful apps. On the other side of that, it also help us find WTF apps for the roundups. But every once in a while an app shows up that simply baffles the mind, because its existence is so seemingly questionable it's hard to imagine why it's a thing in the first place.

And that's what RoundR is.

Basically, it rounds the corners of your homescreen and all apps. Rounded. Corners. That's it. Because square corners are offensive and rude to some, I guess.

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