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[Lolz] Google warns you not to cut the cord between the two earbuds on the Pixel buds

I'm not sure about you, but when I see a wireless earbud set connected with a rope/cable/cord/something, I don't immediately grab my scissors and start cutting it to make the whole thing completely wireless. Just like when I see a set of wired earphones I don't cut the cord and hope that'd make them work over Bluetooth. It's common sense.

But maybe the trend toward completely wireless buds has become common enough that people could assume things about the new Pixel Buds. Things that aren't true like the fact that the cord between them is completely optional: maybe it's just for decoration, or Google doesn't want you to lose one, or to avoid you looking like a dork with things pointing out of your ears, or to stop freaking people out when they see someone with long hair talk to themselves...

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[New Game] Burn It All Is A Great Game For Puzzle Solvers, Aspiring Pyromaniacs Alike

Do you like playing games? Do you like solving puzzles? Do you like to set things on fire while you play games that make you solve puzzles? If you answered yes to the last question, men in white coats will by shortly to escort you to a facility where you will be weaned off this destructive behavior. Firstly, by substituting actual arson with Burn It All. This game gives you mazes of rope puzzles to solve by leading the flame from that Animaniacs skit around obstacles to burn sweet, flammable rope.

burnitall1 burnitall2 burnitall3

In this game, you have to slowly burn away all the rope by moving your ember buddy from his fire to the exposed ends of rope.

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[New Game] ZeptoLab Releases Cut The Rope: Experiments, Adds Even More Awesome Ways To Feed Candy To An Adorable Monster

ZeptoLab, following up on the wild success of Cut the Rope, has released Cut the Rope: Experiments to the Google Play Store, with new characters, gameplay elements, and other features that set Experiments apart from the original in a handful of ways.

In Experiments, players will still try to feed candy to the adorable Om Nom, but will follow a new storyline, in which Om Nom is dropped off at a "mad (but not bad)" scientist's lab. The scientist (Professor) will pop in every once in a while to provide convenient commentary, and guide players through each of the new gameplay elements, which range from rope guns to suction cups, rockets, and water.

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The War Against Infringement On The Android Market Is Heating Up: Fruit Ninja Clones And More

The Android market is filled with apps of questionable legality. But oftentimes, overpriced, branded theme and clock apps like those you'll find here are considered relatively harmless - who's stupid enough to buy them, anyway? Still, apps in this category are in clear violation of registered trademarks - and that doesn't sit well with their holders.

Google even has a page for developers and copyright holders to submit DMCA takedown requests for apps on the Market. Google's form guides you through what information is needed, and how to identify the apps in question - really, it makes the whole process quite simple.

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