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Google OnHub Rooted, Turns Out To Be A Chromebook In Router's Clothing

Google hasn't said much about how its new OnHub router works—it's a mysterious black box (blue cylinder, technically) with inactive radios and updatable firmware. The modders from have gotten their hands on an OnHub, and it didn't take long for them to root it. Interestingly, they rooted it like a Chromebook because that's sort of what the OnHub is—a Chromebook with no screen acting like a router.

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Marshmallow Root Available With SuperSU v2.50 Beta, Still Requires A Modified Boot Image For Now

Some people can't imagine using Android without root access. For those people, Nexus devices provide the surest way to maintain root without a bunch of monkeying around. Marshmallow has only started rolling out to devices, and already there's a new beta of SuperSU and modified boot images to root your Marshmallow devices.

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Chainfire Transfers Ownership Of SuperSU To CCMT, Will Remain Involved In The Project For Two More Years

Among the Android modding circles, there's no app more recognizable than SuperSU. It has a well-earned reputation as the de facto standard for rooting your phone, tablet, and really just about anything that runs Android. Chainfire, the creator and developer of SuperSU, has been maintaining it himself since 2012, but now he's ready to hand off the reins. In a post on Google+, Chainfire says he's transferring ownership of SuperSU to Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC, or CCMT.

Under the new arrangement, SuperSU will have more developers and additional funding to continue maintaining and building onto its feature set.

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A Root Method For All Regional And Carrier Variants Of The LG G4 Is Live On XDA

Got an LG G4? You lucky dog, you. The impressive technical specs and highly adjustable camera, plus features like a removable battery and a MicroSD card slot, have made it a popular flagship choice for power users. Some of those power users will naturally want to tinker with their phones... and now they can. Over on XDA-Developers, forum poster "thecubed" (who's well-known for previous LG exploits) and his team are showing off a solution that they claim can gain root permissions on all versions of the LG G4, regardless of carrier or international status.

At the time of writing the root method is available for the international H815 10c model, plus the AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile versions.

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HBO Now App Is Live In The Play Store, But It Doesn't Work On Rooted Devices

As announced earlier today, the HBO Now app is live in the Play Store for all devices. Although, when I say "all devices" I don't really mean all of them. Rooted phones and tablets aren't supported, because you're obviously a dirty pirate if you root your phone. Everyone else can get a free 30-day trial of HBO Now, though.


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USA Network's New Show 'Mr. Robot' Shows Accurate Android Hacking, Including SuperSU And Flexispy

Have you seen Mr. Robot? The show is only three episodes in, but it's already shaping up to be a surprisingly awesome hacking drama. And I don't mean "hacking" in the CSI/NCIS/Scorpion "120WPM and 60 flashing windows" kind of hacking - the protagonist and his Anonymous-style compatriots use real methods and technology, mostly relying on a combination of known vulnerabilities, social engineering, and brute force attacks to play at being cyber-vigilantes. You should check it out - USA has the first three episodes available for free on its website.

The third episode features a pretty cool segment where (extremely mild spoiler alert) the antagonist gains physical access to an Android phone in order to digitally tap it.

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Titanium Backup's v7.2 Update Adds Android M Support, Fixes Box Authentication Issues, Squishes Lots Of Other Bugs

The developers at Titanium Track continue plugging away at their beloved app, which reaches version 7.2.0 with its latest update. While we do get the standard variety of minor enhancements and bug fixes, the main draw this time is the addition of some formal support for Android M. It appears Titanium Backup had some function with the M Preview initially, but that would have been merely incidental. With some time to work on it, the development team has pushed changes that are specifically targeted to getting it to work on the newest Android version.

Based on their changelog, it seems one problem with the preview builds was detecting the folder where users had stored their backups.

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PingPong Root Grants Root Permissions On The Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge (Even Verizon And AT&T Versions) Without Tripping KNOX

It's a regular rite of passage for new Android phones: most flagships get the root treatment within a day or two of being released, allowing power users access to tools and apps that most people aren't all that interested in. But there are some exceptions, namely those draconian carriers who insist upon locking the bootloader of their Android devices. Their reasons for doing so could charitably be described as "bull hockey," but they're pretty effective: it's sometimes months or years before these phones get rooted, if they do get rooted at all.

Not so with Samsung's new pride and joy, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

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Sunshine 3.1 Adds S-OFF Support For HTC One M9 And Automatic SIM Unlock For Most Of HTC's GSM Phones

New smartphones are rolling off the line pretty regularly, and that means the tools we use to work with them have to update, too. Last month, Sunshine v3.0 emerged with support for an extensive collection of HTC and Motorola handsets, and now an update to v3.1 is about to build on that list. With the latest release, Justin Case and Beaups have added support for almost every variant of the HTC One M9, except Verizon's. Expanded compatibility isn't the only new treat for users, Sunshine has also added the capability to automatically SIM unlock most of the GSM-based phones manufactured by HTC.

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Developer Chainfire Publishes Preview Release Of FlashFire, A 'Spiritual Successor' To Mobile ODIN

Chainfire, the developer behind SuperSU as well as many other popular apps and mods, has published FlashFire, which he dubs the "spiritual successor" of Mobile ODIN. FlashFire is, as the name might suggest, a tool for flashing ROMs, kernels, and mods without the need for a custom recovery. It could (upon stable release) make these tasks, which generally involve a lot of button pressing and a little elbow grease, drastically simpler.

Screenshot_2015-04-09-16-15-49 Screenshot_2015-04-09-16-15-54 Screenshot_2015-04-09-16-16-00

For owners of Mobile ODIN Pro, you will get pro features of FlashFire for free if it is installed on your device. With that said, FlashFire does not yet have any premium features.

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