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[Updated] Ecobee's Android app may not work properly on some devices with root or custom firmware

Like Nest and Honeywell, ecobee makes smart thermostats that you can easily schedule and control remotely from your smartphone through an app. The ecobee Android app received an update at the start of the month that added support for the new cheaper ecobee3 lite, but it made one drastic change that broke the app for many users. Instead of the app launching like usual, it shows the error message "Security credentials error," and exits.

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Official root .zip package for LineageOS available for flashing

So, LineageOS has been out for a few days now. As promised, .zip packages for rooting the ROM have been put up on the community project's site, as it is not pre-rooted when flashed.

Interestingly, this uses Superuser rather than SuperSU to achieve root. Either way, root is achieved through flashing this package once the main ROM has been flashed. It also needs to only be flashed once; subsequent updates will keep root privileges. There are different packages depending on whether the device is 64-bit or not, and also packages to remove root if you so wish.

Of course, this is only the official (and recommended) root package.

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27 hacked the Samsung Smartcam yet again, this time with a root exploit

The Samsung Smartcam is a great example of why consumers should be wary of 'Internet of Things' devices. Multiple exploits for the camera have been found since the Smartcam initially went on sale, previously allowing for remote command execution and changing the admin password without knowing the original one. Now another exploit has been discovered for the Smartcam, this time allowing commands to be executed as the root user.

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[SuperWIN] SuperSU and TWRP play nice together on the Pixels

The Pixel smartphones' new partition system and boot images have been a hot mess for developers and tinkerers who like to push their devices beyond the specs written on the shipping box. But even though this has slowed down the release of custom recoveries and other mods, it hasn't completely stopped our beloved enterprising developers who probably thought of the whole situation as a nice challenge instead of an unsurmountable obstacle.

Just yesterday, Ethan Yonker (Dees Troy) released an early alpha of custom recovery TWRP for the Pixel devices, but that created a problem for those who were using the boot-to-root images made by Chainfire for the Pixels.

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Open GApps launches its own app for quick and easy Google Apps package downloads [APK Download]

If you're involved in the world of custom ROMs, there's little chance you haven't heard of the Open GApps Project. As of late, Open GApps has been the go-to site for downloading Google Apps packages. It's not hard to understand why; the site is pretty and easy to use, and the packages, which come in nine sizes and variations, are always up to date. Now, the guys behind Open GApps have taken the stuff that makes their site so great and infused it into a new Android app.

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Chainfire releases a systemless root method for the Pixel and Pixel XL

The Google Pixel phones' development has had a big week; just a few days ago, the Verizon and EE variants had their bootloaders unlocked. Now, Chainfire, the famed developer of SuperSU and FlashFire, has debuted a systemless root method for the Pixels.

Due to the Pixels' odd partition structure (two system, two boot, two vendor, zero recovery, and zero cache partitions), Chainfire's root method required a bit of re-engineering. It's pretty impressive how quickly he was able to do this, but we'd expect no less from him.

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Unlock the bootloader on Pixel phones from Verizon and EE with dePixel8 by beaups and jcase [Hurry]

For years, Google's Nexus line could be counted on for one thing, an unlockable bootloader. While carriers have occasionally had limited freedom to defile customize certain models sold through their service, owners were at least free to either modify the stock software or completely replace it with custom builds.

It goes without saying people were more than a little disheartened to learn Google's second attempt to team up with US carrier Verizon lead to yet another disappointing result: the Google Pixels sold through VZW have non-unlockable bootloaders. In fact, there are at least two carriers selling non-unlockable Pixels. The other is EE Limited (formerly Everything Everywhere) in the UK.

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AndroidN-ify Xposed module brings Google Assistant to Marshmallow devices

Bless you, Xposed Framework. Thou art the last refuge of power users whose hardware has been forsaken by manufacturer and ROM developer alike. The root-enabled tool has a new module that back-ports a bunch of Android Nougat features to earlier versions of the OS. It's called AndroidN-ify, and the latest update includes a tweak that exposes Google's fancy new voice-controlled Assistant search tool to users on Android 6.0. An earlier build.prop tweak allowed Android 7.0 users to try Assistant on non-Pixel phones, which won't be officially supported when the new hardware launches.

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Google Assistant can be enabled on non-Pixel devices running Android Nougat

Perhaps the most interesting feature exclusive to Google Pixel, at least officially, is Google Assistant. We have a review of Assistant's current functionality, but in a nutshell, it's essentially a conversation-based version of the former Google Now. XDA user brianelv has posted a short guide on enabling Assistant, and it should work on any Android 7.0 (or higher) device with the Google app or newer.

If you have those prerequisites, the actual guide is fairly short. All you need to do is change your build.prop file, reboot, and clear Google app cache. Either root (to manually edit the build.prop) or a custom recovery (if you want to flash the zip) is required. In

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AutoMagisk allows root users to play Pokémon GO or use Android Pay without constantly toggling root on and off

If you've got a rooted Android device and you're a Pokémon master, chances are that you've heard that the 0.37 update to Pokémon GO completely disabled the game for devices with root access and/or custom software. We made a guide on how to circumvent the SafetyNet check that Pokémon GO and Android Pay use with Magisk, but it might get bothersome to constantly toggle root on and off. Now, there's an app that lets you launch those apps without the slightly annoying root toggle.

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