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[Update: Bugfix v13.2] Magisk v13.1 released to stable with SafetyNet fixes and Android O support

Yesterday prolific XDA developer topjohnwu released a new stable version of Magisk (v13.1) which includes all the changes from the beta release v13, like Android O support and a new SafetyNet workaround. With the latest update, you can go back to using the more advanced features of Magisk, while still hiding root. But most users won't notice any significant differences in this recent release, other than things just working. With all the recent SafetyNet changes, that's a fantastic achievement. 

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Google may have updated SafetyNet detection, breaking some root hiding methods

If you fired up Pokemon Go yesterday just to find that you weren't able to connect, there's one potentially good reason behind it. It appears that Google recently updated how their SafetyNet detections work, and the new changes are able to pick up some previous root-hiding methods. If you are using Magisk, the current workaround is to set it to operate in "core only" mode via settings in Magisk Manager.

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ADT updates its Pulse security app to lock out rooted or otherwise modified devices

There are plenty of home automation and security platforms these days, but some consumers like to stick to what they know, and ADT has been doing home security for a long time. It offers its own camera and sensor systems, all controlled via the Pulse app with support for third-party devices like Nest. People pay monthly for ADT services, and now some of them are feeling rather ripped off after an update to Pulse blocked access on rooted or modified devices.

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SuperSU v2.82 update fixes most of the recent root problems, Xperia bootloops and other issues may remain

In the wake of recent problems, a partial fix has been pushed for SuperSU. Root loss on older (pre-4.4/Kit Kat) phones should no longer be an issue. Unfortunately, this latest update doesn't fix the bootlooping some Sony Xperia phones are experiencing. If you're using SuperSU on one, you should continue to stick with 2.79 for now.

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Recent SuperSU releases 2.80 and 2.81 have some issues, Chainfire advises sticking with 2.79 for now

Users of SuperSu might want to hold off on updating things for a short while. Over the last couple days, some people have reported that the latest updates, 2.80 and 2.81, have been causing some issues on specific devices. Problems cover a range of minor inconveniences, from temporary loss of root on some older devices to bootloops on specific phones. None of these should be significant issues for those with the technical knowledge to root their devices, but they might be enough of a potential concern to hold off updating for a bit. SuperSU developer Chainfire has said that he is aware of the problems and is working towards a fix.

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Netflix was just the start: Google Play Console lets developers exclude app availability for devices that don't pass SafetyNet

Last weekend, a huge turmoil swept the root-enthusiast Android community as it was discovered then confirmed that the Netflix app was being blocked from showing up in search results on the Play Store for rooted devices. At the time, Netflix said it was using Widevine to block unsupported devices, but that made no sense to us: the app was still functional if it was sideloaded, it was only not showing up as compatible in the Play Store. So what sorcery was Netflix really using?! Turns out it's a new function of the Google Play Console.

As part of the updates announced for the Play Console at I/O 2017, Google mentions a new Device Catalog section under Release management that lets developers choose with intricate granularity which devices their app supports on the Play Store.

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[Update: Netflix confirms] Netflix is vanishing from the Play Store for some rooted users

You don't see many high-profile apps blocking root users these days, with perhaps the most recent offender being Pokemon GO. Now it looks like Netflix might be next. According to several reports on Reddit and other sites), the Netflix app is showing up as incompatible with some rooted devices.

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[Updated] Ecobee's Android app may not work properly on some devices with root or custom firmware

Like Nest and Honeywell, ecobee makes smart thermostats that you can easily schedule and control remotely from your smartphone through an app. The ecobee Android app received an update at the start of the month that added support for the new cheaper ecobee3 lite, but it made one drastic change that broke the app for many users. Instead of the app launching like usual, it shows the error message "Security credentials error," and exits.

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Official root .zip package for LineageOS available for flashing

So, LineageOS has been out for a few days now. As promised, .zip packages for rooting the ROM have been put up on the community project's site, as it is not pre-rooted when flashed.

Interestingly, this uses Superuser rather than SuperSU to achieve root. Either way, root is achieved through flashing this package once the main ROM has been flashed. It also needs to only be flashed once; subsequent updates will keep root privileges. There are different packages depending on whether the device is 64-bit or not, and also packages to remove root if you so wish.

Of course, this is only the official (and recommended) root package.

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27 hacked the Samsung Smartcam yet again, this time with a root exploit

The Samsung Smartcam is a great example of why consumers should be wary of 'Internet of Things' devices. Multiple exploits for the camera have been found since the Smartcam initially went on sale, previously allowing for remote command execution and changing the admin password without knowing the original one. Now another exploit has been discovered for the Smartcam, this time allowing commands to be executed as the root user.

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