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Macronos Casts Any Music And Audio From Your Rooted Android Device To Your Sonos Speakers

So you got that fancy Sonos speaker (or several ones) and you're annoyed that it only streams music via Wi-Fi from your Android device through the Sonos or Google Play Music apps? Cheaper (much cheaper actually) Bluetooth speakers would allow you to play any audio from any app on them, and Macronos unlocks that same functionality on the Sonos.

The app, which has been available for a while, but only came to our attention recently, serves mostly as a Sonos macro creator — something like a shortcut to play this playlist on this speaker at this volume, while lowering that speaker to that volume.

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Titanium Backup Can Now Back Up And Restore Bluetooth Pairings On Android 4.2+ (Including Lollipop)

Titanium Backup is well-known among rooted users for its ability to back up just about every aspect of a phone. It actually has the same prestige among non-rooted users too, they just can't get in on the fun.

The latest version of the app adds Bluetooth pairings to the list of things Android users can rarely ever have to set up again. As long as you're running Android 4.2 or higher (including Lollipop, which the app supports following a recent update), Titanium Backup should let you back up and restore your current Bluetooth connections.

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Solid Explorer v1.6.3 Updated For Lollipop, Adds SD Card Support And Improves Compatibility With Root

Every power user has a favorite file manager. It doesn't matter how many are installed or why, there is always one that takes the lead position. Of course, as new features become popular, it's not uncommon for people to switch out their favorite app to pull up one that offers whatever they need. The new must-have among file managers is support for writing to the SD card on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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Root Checker Gets A Much-Needed Visual Overhaul In The Latest Update

Root Checker is a simple little tool that does what it says on the box: it checks whether your phone or tablet (or game console, or set-top-box, or e-reader, or robotic toaster) has root permissions. Those that use it probably only do so for a few seconds once or twice a month. That being the case, it's not a big deal if the app doesn't look good. But that doesn't mean that it can't, right?

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How To Enable Double Tap To Wake On Your Rooted Nexus 6

As we all know at this point, Google was originally going to include double tap to wake on the Nexus 6 just like it did on the Nexus 9. Then for whatever reason, it was disabled a few months ago. The N6 supports this feature, but it's not turned on by default. If you're willing to root the phone, you can get it back super-easily.

screen.v.1.1 2014-11-24 12.07.14

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[Weekend Poll] Is Your Primary Android Device Rooted?

We asked this question over two years ago in a weekend poll, and now we're asking again: is your primary Android device rooted? We all probably have a vague idea what rooting is even if we don't root our phones or tablets, but those of you more familiar with customization probably have pretty specific reasons for doing it, and experience with the rooting process over the years.

Both the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, Google's latest phone and tablet, have already been rooted by Chainfire, and the process isn't especially difficult - in fact, you can do it automatically with a simple script.

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Chainfire Figures Out How To Root Lollipop Without A Modified Kernel

The newest beta of Chainfire's SuperSU comes with a major improvement—as of v2.27, you no longer need a modified kernel to gain root on Lollipop devices. This is a beta, and as Chainfire says, there's a chance you could break something and get in a bootloop. Still, this is a great development.

12 13

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Chainfire May Have Fixed Many Broken Root Apps On Lollipop With New SuperSU Beta, And You Can Help Test

Android 5.0 is a big step up in security with its tweaked implementation of SELinux. Chainfire managed to get root on Lollipop shortly after it was released, of course, but the process has been a little more messy. There are also a fair number of root apps that are broken on Android 5.0. The newest build of SuperSU from Chainfire might fix many of those issues, though.

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SCR Screen Recorder Now Available For Devices Running Android 5.0 And Above, No Root Necessary

One of the new features introduced in Android Lollipop is an API that allows apps to capture the device's screen. Unlike KitKat 4.4, where you could achieve this through ADB and a USB cable (or on your phone directly with some root privileges), this new API works out of the box and opens the screen recording feature to non-root devices.

When we first reported on this option, only a couple of apps had made use of it. Now, one of the most established screen recorders has joined them — SCR Screen Recorder's developer released an Android 5.0+ version of his app that doesn't require root.

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Chainfire's Sideload Launcher Lets Android TV Users Easily Start Their Sideloaded Apps

When Android runs on a TV, it's still Android, there are just a few checks in place to make sure users aren't installing unprepared phone apps to their big screens all willy-nilly, creating the kind of awful UI experience that could make a techie cry and any one else scrunch their face in confusion. In a way, Google's only trying to protect us from ourselves. Most TV viewers will want nothing to do with such shenanigans, so only apps that have been updated and declared compatible with Android TV work with the platform out of the box.

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