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Two New Root Apps, Naptime And Doze Settings Editor, Let Users Adjust Marshmallow's Doze Settings

Screw Google On Tap and UI tuner, the best new feature in Android 6.0 is clearly Doze, the new portion of the OS dedicated to extending a phone's battery life when you're not using it. That said, this is Android, so of course people are going to start tweaking it just as soon as they can. There are already two apps that do just that. The bad news: they both require root permissions, so you'll need to have modified your farm-fresh Android 6.0 build already to use them.

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Chainfire Transfers Ownership Of SuperSU To CCMT, Will Remain Involved In The Project For Two More Years

Among the Android modding circles, there's no app more recognizable than SuperSU. It has a well-earned reputation as the de facto standard for rooting your phone, tablet, and really just about anything that runs Android. Chainfire, the creator and developer of SuperSU, has been maintaining it himself since 2012, but now he's ready to hand off the reins. In a post on Google+, Chainfire says he's transferring ownership of SuperSU to Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC, or CCMT.

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Sunshine 3.1 Adds S-OFF Support For HTC One M9 And Automatic SIM Unlock For Most Of HTC's GSM Phones

New smartphones are rolling off the line pretty regularly, and that means the tools we use to work with them have to update, too. Last month, Sunshine v3.0 emerged with support for an extensive collection of HTC and Motorola handsets, and now an update to v3.1 is about to build on that list. With the latest release, Justin Case and Beaups have added support for almost every variant of the HTC One M9, except Verizon's.

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BootUnlocker App Adds OnePlus One Compatibility In 1.6.1 Update

Using an unlocked bootloader on your phone or tablet is not safe. Don't do it. Unless you want root permissions, or the ability to backup and restore your software via a custom recovery, or you want to use a ROM that didn't come with your machine. These things don't make an unlocked Android device any safer, but they are pretty good justifications for unlocking your bootloader. If you'd like to have all that unlocked cake and metaphorically eat it too, the BootUnlocker app is your friend.

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Stump Root Is A One-Click Root For Your LG G3 From Any US Carrier, Including Sprint

Love it or hate it, the LG G3 is one of the top flagship devices of 2014. With a set of specs that will make even the most jaded Nexus warrior a bit jealous, it's no wonder that the handset has gained a few fans. Unfortunately, LG's software customizations still leave a lot to be desired, and many users have turned to rooting their phone to take back some level of control over the experience.

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[New App] SecondScreen Lets Root Users Adjust A Device's Resolution For Better Chromecasting

Let's get this out of the way first: SecondScreen is not an external extended monitor app for Android. (Though that would be extremely cool.) I think the developer does a bit of a disservice with that name. What it does is force your phone or tablet to use a different resolution in order to make it display correctly - or at least more correctly - when casting the screen to a television via Chromecast or simply using an HDMI cable.

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