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Android 11 Beta is landing on some Pixels, despite plans to postpone release

There have already been several Developer Previews of Android 11, and Google planned to release the first beta-quality build during an online 'Beta Launch Show' on June 3rd. That event was cancelled last week, due to widespread protests in the United States, but that hasn't stopped Google from rolling out the first Android 11 Beta to some Pixel owners — perhaps unintentionally.

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Chrome Beta rolls out support for tab groups on desktop platforms, for real this time

Some features in Chrome seem to be cursed to never fully roll out. The bottom-bar 'Duet' mobile interface has been in development for over two years at this point, and support for tab groups on the desktop has been rolled out and pulled back more times than I can count. Thankfully, it seems like tab groups are finally going live, for real this time.

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Instagram accidentally rolls out horizontal scrolling interface

Instagram is on a mission — a mission to make its mobile app harder to use. Between forcing an algorithmic timeline and bloating the app with more and more unrelated features, it has turned from a simple photo-sharing app to Facebook's way of capturing the post-Facebook generation. Users of the service caught a glimpse of an in-development UI, after Instagram accidentally rolled it out to everyone.

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A storage indicator is rolling out to the Play Store's 'My Apps' section

It seems like the Play Store is always getting minute little tests and rollouts, but something useful is being added for once. A tipster spotted a handy storage bar in the 'My Apps' section of the Play Store app on his devices, though the rollout seems to be pretty limited for now.

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WhatsApp group audio and video calls are now rolling out to everyone

After leaks and teardown revelations aplenty, WhatsApp group calls were finally formally revealed at Facebook's F8 developer conference in early May. By the end of the month, the feature had started showing up for some. Now, WhatsApp has announced that group audio and video calls are rolling out to all users.

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YouTube Music's web player is going live for more people

The new YouTube clusterfuck was announced about three weeks ago, but not many changes have occurred yet. The YouTube Music app has been updated, but YouTube Red branding still hasn't been switched to YouTube Premium, and the YouTube Music web player still showed "coming soon" for almost everyone. It looks like some of that may be about to change, though.

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New Gmail interface to roll out to everyone in July

The new Gmail web interface has been available for over a month now, but it's still in preview and it's an opt-in affair. However, the new UI will roll out to all G Suite users in July, and we'd expect the same to be true of regular Gmail users.

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[Update: Rolling out] Google testing another Play Store redesign, this time with a new tab bar

Google is starting to adopt bottom navigation bars across its products, with the recent YouTube update and new Chrome interface. But if there's one thing about Google that's consistent, it's the company's inconsistency. A tweaked design for the Play Store app is rolling out to users worldwide, with a new navigation bar below the existing tabs.

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[Update: Live for everyone in Photos] Google Lens now rolling out to more devices

Google Lens, a machine learning-powered image analyzer, was first announced at I/O 2017. It currently exists in both Google Photos (to scan existing photos) and Assistant (to scan in real-time), but both methods have required a Pixel phone. Alongside some ARCore announcements, Google revealed that Lens would be rolling out to more Android devices and make an appearance on iOS.

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Google Lens is rolling out to the first-gen Pixel and Pixel XL in Photos app

Google Lens made its official debut at Google's October 4th event alongside the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, but we first checked it out nearly a month before that. In Corbin's hands-on, he found that Lens was pretty impressive overall, with some room to improve. Now, it seems to be rolling out to 2016's Pixel and Pixel XL through Google Photos.

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