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Versus Evil releases Guild of Dungeoneering, an RPG that will increase in price over time

Independent game publisher Versus Evil has so far released two Android games - The Banner Saga and Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run, a tie-in with AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. Today it's third game hits the Play Store, titled Guild of Dungeoneering, a role-playing game based around restoring your guild to its former glory in your role as Dungeon Master.

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Pathfinder Adventures, A Collectible Card Game Based On The Popular RPG Universe, Lands In The Play Store For Free

If you're an avid tabletop role playing game enthusiast, it's almost impossible that you haven't heard of Pathfinder. This re-organized variant of the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset, published by Paizo and supplemented with a huge variety of extra modules, literature, and lore, has quickly become one of the most popular tabletop RPGs on the market. The publisher has created a few satellite properties for Pathfinder, including novels, comic books, and a licensed card game called Pathfinder Adventure.

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Cartoon Network's 'Steven Universe: Attack The Light' Is A Turn-Based RPG Ready To Take Fans Of The Show On An IAP-Free Adventure

Steven Universe is one of the four Crystal Gems that fight to keep the world safe from evil. Except in this case, Steven kind of screwed the pooch, accidentally unleashing a huge monster that threatens the exact planet he's trying to keep safe. So now, in a new mobile game available on Google Play, he and the other three Gems (Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl―but you can think of them as people) must journey forth to defeat it and the light creatures they've inadvertently summoned.

The game's name, suitably, is Steven Universe: Attack the Light. It was developed by Grumpyface Studios, who worked with series' creator Rebecca Sugar to produce the title.

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Dragon Quest V Raids The Play Store With A Party Full Of Monsters Demanding $14.99

Square Enix has been quick about porting the Dragon Quest entries to Android, even if they haven't come in necessarily the right order. We got Dragon Quest VIII in May of last year, followed by IV in August, the original in September, II the next month, and III in December. Now Square Enix has brought over Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Blade.


Dragon Quest V originally debuted in 1992 for the Super Famicon, but the game didn't come to North American shores until the release of a remake for the Nintendo DS in 2009.

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Square Enix Releases Secret Of Mana For $9, Sets A New Standard For Awful Game Icons [Updated]

Update #2: Before continuing, recognize that this post was written with my tongue firmly in cheek. I intended for it to be humorous, but clearly I didn't articulate myself as well as I should have.

So let me clear things up. This is a mobile port of a classic, and it is absolutely worth your money. If you played the original and have longed to play it again, download this. If you love Square Enix ports, download this. If you love JRPGs in general, then by all means, download this. The Mana series, despite being woefully neglected in the years since, is absolutely worth your time.

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[New Game] Angry Birds Epic Features Those Adorable Birds And Pesky Pigs In A Turn-Based RPG

Rovio has caught on to the slight possibility that this many years after the release of the original Angry Birds, some of you may have potentially (if only ever so slightly) grown bored with the concept of slinging the same ol' birds at the same ol' pigs. The company has since experimented with other game concepts, but at the end of the day, you have to stick with what pays the bills. So instead of taking a chance on creating an impressive, turn-based adventure through a beautifully animated world - actually, that's precisely what they've done with Angry Birds Epic, it just happens to center around those same ol' limbless birds.

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[New Game] Widget RPG Is A Tiny One-Button Role Playing Game That Hangs Out On Your Homescreen

Some of the more cynical game reviewers out there (looking at you, Croshaw) have described the standard RPG as a game where you ultimately push buttons to make the numbers go higher. As dismissive as that position is, we've found a game where it's literally true. Widget RPG is a full role-playing game, complete with non-player characters, equipment inventory, and a battle system. But the only way of interacting with the world around your character is by tapping on a homescreen widget like a maniac.


Yeah, that's about it. Install the app, place the widget on your homescreen, then tap the Hell out of that button like it's F5 on Nexus release day.

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[New Game] Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy V Into The Play Store, But This Classic 2D Port Will Cost You $15.99

Fans of JRPGs, Square Enix, Final Fantasy, or just those adorable Moogles, you might want to take a moment to look into the Play Store. Go ahead, I'll wait. Did you see it? That's right, Final Fantasy V is here, marking the fifth entry from Square Enix's long running franchise to make it over to Android.



As you've probably noticed by now, this title's graphics more closely resemble the touched-up 2D visuals of the 1st and 2nd Final Fantasy titles than the 3D polygons found in the previous two releases. Those latter two ports were 2006 - 2008 remakes from the Nintendo DS, and they were the only two reimagined for the platform.

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[New Game] The Lone Ranger Enters The Play Store, But Can This Franchise Be Saved?

The Lone Ranger has been a real flop for Disney thus far, and I'm sure I know why. The company was late to debut an Android game to coincide with the release. Many of this summer's other successful blockbusters - Man of Steel, Monsters University, and Despicable Me 2 - all had games that predated or matched their theater debuts. While this form of marketing has never had any effect on me, it's apparently what the masses want, and Disney has since resolved the issue. The Lone Ranger is now available in the Play Store.

LoneRanger3 LoneRanger4


The Lone Ranger for Android pitches itself as a role playing game, and it loosely fits that definition.

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Penny Arcade's Rain Slick 3 Arrives On Android, Very Serious Fantasy Adventure Ensues

We know how you like your games. Engaging with a hint of hilarity and fantasy. Penny Arcade, legendary webcomic and gaming community taste-maker, has released the third installment in its turn-based RPG Penny Arcade's On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 to the Play Store. $3 gets you access to the entire adventure, extra DLC and a "rejiggered UI," which just sounds fancy!

If you've ever played Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, or been on the internet for five minutes, you should feel right at home in this game. The class system even allows for multiple career and battle modes, including Dinosorcerer,Cordwainer, Slacker, and Hobo.

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