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Massive Robinhood outage prevents users from trading stocks during the largest Dow surge since 2009 (Update: Compensation)

The Dow has been on a rollercoaster of a ride, suffering last week from its worst decline since 2008 before rebounding a record 5% this past Monday. While traders have rejoiced the quick turnaround, users of the popular stock trading app Robinhood are furious over a major service outage that has prevented them from trading stocks during this pivotal time.

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Robinhood announces new Cash Management service with 2.05% interest on unspent brokerage funds (Update: Rolling out now at 1.8% APY)

It's been nearly a year since the stock investment and cryptocurrency company Robinhood paused its launch of no-fees checking and savings accounts. It was forced to make changes after mistakenly claiming that its industry-leading 3% interest rates were insured by the SIPC. Now, Robinhood is finally announcing plans to move forward with a revamped version called Cash Management.

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Robinhood App Gets Support For Android Wear In Latest Update

Free stock trading app Robinhood came to Android phones last year, and now it's coming to your wrist. The latest update to the app adds support for Android Wear. No longer will you need to pick up your phone to track your investments like our caveman ancestors did.

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Robinhood Free Stock Market Trading App Comes To Android

Using the stock market isn't free. Well, obviously. You're buying and selling stocks, after all. But on top of that, brokerage firms tend to charge fees to manage financial transactions. The Robinhood app lets you get around that fee, and now it has made its way over from iOS to Android.

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