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Robin Labs Launches Less.Mail, A Voice-Controlled Artificial Intelligence App That Supposedly Handles Email For You

You might remember Robin Labs—it's the company behind that Yahoo voice assistant app and the possibly deadly Android-powered rear-view mirror. Now Robin Labs has launched a kind of real product called Less.Mail, but it's invite only and still in the early stages. Less.Mail is an app that leverages artificial intelligence to manage your email by voice.

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Robin Labs And Pioneer Are Teaming Up To Put Android In Your Rear View Mirror Because You Need More Distractions While Driving

Is that an Android phone tailgating you? No, that's just the operating system in your rear view mirror. Robin Labs, which previously made headlines with its Yahoo-optimized voice assistant, is at CES with Pioneer to show off a new smart rear view mirror called the Drive Agent Mirror. It runs Android with Robin's natural language voice recognition system built-in. Yes, it's probably as strange as it sounds.


The mirror is a little wider than average, but it looks otherwise normal when the display is off.

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