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The 11 most bizarre, cringey, and weird smartphone commercials of all time

It can be hard for something as anonymous looking as a smartphone to stand out in the world. So, when coming up with ways to advertise and market their wares, manufacturers of these products often try to get... creative. Sometimes, they get far, far too creative, and hilarity ensues. While some of their biggest snafus may be indefinitely lost, we have 11 smartphones commercials and promo videos that we think are the absolutely cringiest, most bizarre, and generally weird ever to be created (and, frequently, the targets of later attempted destruction by their creators — so, thanks, random YouTube re-uploaders).

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Robert Downey Jr’s OnePlus 8 Pro commercial features an epic water fight

About a year ago, Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr and OnePlus joined forces (and exchanged money) to promote the manufacturer's products, starting with the OnePlus 7. The collaboration is still alive and well as a clip has surfaced, showing the actor wielding a Glacial Green OnePlus 8 Pro while he's racing to a birthday party — he also has a video shoot to finish and a suit to buy before he can go there.

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OnePlus buys Robert Downey Jr. to hawk the 7 Pro in select markets, while supplies last

According to a promotional image published to the actor's Weibo account earlier today, Robert Downey Jr and OnePlus have entered into a marketing deal. According to The Verge, which was able to confirm some details with the smartphone manufacturer, the Avengers star's likeness will be used for promotions across Asia, especially India and China.

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HTC Hires Successful Former Samsung US Marketing Executive To Save This Sinking Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran

HTC has reportedly snagged up Paul Golden, a former Samsung US marketing executive who helped turn the Galaxy brand into a household name (or at least the closest an Android device has come), according to a Bloomberg report. He will serve as a consultant for Chairman Cher Wang. During his time with Samsung, from 2008 to 2012, the company's global smartphone market share jumped from 4.5% to 21%. HTC's, meanwhile, currently sits at less than 2%.

HTC knows how to make phones. The HTC One M7 was a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that raised the bar for what an Android phone could look, feel, or sound like.

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HTC's Full Robert Downey Jr. Ad Leaked: Maybe They Should Have Stuck With Van Der Beek [Update: Full Quality]

Update: Here's The Commercial (in full quality).

You probably saw the teaser ad for HTC's new campaign featuring none other than Robert Downey, Jr., star of the 2003 film adaptation of British TV series The Singing Detective. (Among other things.) Today the full 105-second spot was posted to YouTube. The quality is a little low, but you can still make everything out. Then you'll have to try and forget it.

I get the message - limitless possibilities, creative potential, yadda yadda. But the execution is just awful. HTC is clearly going for the lol so random brand of Internet humor, but they seem to have left out the humor bit.

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[Hiring Trendy Celebrities] HTC Brings In Robert Downey Jr. For Marketing Campaign Mark 42

HTC has already looked to metal as a defining characteristic of its flagship phone. Now the company is turning to the Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., himself in hopes of turning around the company's waning brand perception and getting their highly capable smartphones into the hands of more consumers. HTC has launched a series of ads starring Downey as they kick off their new "Change" branding campaign, and thanks to a two-year contract, we can expect to see the actor pushing the company for quite some time.


The idea here is that HTC inspires innovation not by being change you can believe in, but by being anything you want it to be.

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[New App] AMC Launches Its Own App, Lets You Track Your Stubs Member Rewards, Get Showtimes, Buy Tickets, Geek Out

Summer movie season is starting. With the Hunger Games already breaking box office records and nerds everywhere polishing their shields and repulsorlift glove replicas in anticipation of The Avengers, this year is set to be a big one. AMC has appropriately launched their official app to help you keep track of all the movies you're geeking out to see this year.

amc1 amc2 amc3

The app does a lot of the same things that more general movie apps like IMDb and Flixster already do well, like finding movie listings and trailers. The AMC app, however, also allows users to keep track of their Stubs account and rewards.

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