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PayPal Now Supports Adding Cash To Your Balance, Currently Only At CVS And Rite Aid [APK Download]

There are multiple ways you can get money into your PayPal account. Now there's one more method that you've probably never thought of. If you're at a CVS or Rite Aid, show the clerk your phone, have them scan the barcode, and pay them.

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Rite Aid Will Officially Accept Google Wallet, And Eventually Android Pay, Starting August 15th

The idea of paying using your phone may be exciting, but that's all it will ever be until more stores start playing along. Today Rite Aid announced that you will soon be able to add its nearly 4600 stores to the list. Starting August 15th, it will accept Google Wallet NFC payments in stores. It will also take tap and pay credit cards.

That's right, it'll be like you're shopping at Walgreens. Remember when Android users got to first play around with mobile payments in 2011?

This news comes after Rite Aid previously stopped accepting Google Wallet and threw its weight behind CurrentC, a mobile payments system that retailers liked the idea of more than consumers.

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