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Android P has a new and incredibly awkward ring mode shortcut

When it landed a couple months back, Android P delivered significant changes to the volume button dialog, relocating it to be closer to the keys themselves while setting media volume as the new default. Unfortunately, that latter change meant it's a bit harder to actually change ringer modes without tapping the screen.

In the latest developer preview for Android P, Google has added a new configurable hardware key combo that lets you press volume up and power simultaneously to set the ringer mode to silent or vibrate, giving us a complex and counter-intuitive solution to a problem that didn't need to exist. 

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YouTube, your volume controls are bad and you should feel bad

Many of you have probably seen yesterday's XKCD comic about the laughably terrible state of volume controls on mobile devices. The issue is particularly bad in Android apps, and developers really need to do something about it. Quite honestly, it's embarrassing that this is still a problem in 2017.

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Today's XKCD comic perfectly sums up Android's volume problem

As I'm sure many of you know, Android has three distinct 'volumes' - one for media, one for the ringer, and one for alarms. Each has its own volume level, but unless you're playing media, adjusting the volume just changes the ringer - leading to the problem XKCD nailed in today's comic.

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[Android How-To] Make Your Own Ringtones, Notifications, And Alarms From Media Files

Have you ever wanted to make custom ringtones, alarms, or notification sounds in Android but had no clue how to do it, even if you already put a media file onto your device? I can't blame you - Android is absolutely terrible about letting you do anything but pick one of the existing system sounds and offers no way of adding your own.

Enter Ringdroid. Ringdroid's sole purpose is to let you take an existing music file, crop it exactly how you want it, and then save it as either a ringtone, an alarm, or a notification. The end result - the newly created sound shows up in the corresponding dropdown, ready for all that waking up, notifying action you can throw at it.

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