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Ring announces the second generation of its popular video doorbell

Home security company Ring has had great success with its range of video doorbells and security cameras. The self-styled "most popular video doorbell in the world" was Ring's first product all the way back in 2014 and it quickly gained a foothold in the market. The company has since updated it with the more powerful Video Doorbell Pro, which increased the quality to 1080p but required a pre-existing hardwired bell setup. Ring is now ready to refresh the original product and has announced the Video Doorbell 2.

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Ring's Floodlight Cam is a security camera with an integrated floodlight, speaker, and night vision

With CES, it's more a question of who's not there, rather than who is. Ring, creators of the Video Doorbell (previously known as the Doorbot) in 2014, has a new product: the Floodlight Cam. Rather than just a security camera for your home, it is integrated with a floodlight, making it that much more useful in the dark.


The camera is WiFi-connected (what isn't in 2017?), and records in 1080p. This video is uploaded to the cloud and accessible in the Ring app. It also has 100dB speaker, apparently the loudest of any outdoor security camera on the market (useful for a siren), and a 270° motion detector, smart LED lights, and IR night vision.

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Fin Wearable Ring With Gesture Support Surpasses $100K Indiegogo Funding Goal, And Someone Should Be Ashamed

Thanks to Kickstarter and Indiegogo, there's no shortage of quirky (read: gimmicky) wearable products to throw money at. I won't pretend to understand what makes a product appealing to people, but at last I'm not the only one here at Android Police who has been baffled by some of the projects that have found crowdfunding success. So with this confidence-inducing introduction out of the way, I present to you Fin, a Bluetooth ring with gesture support that looks to be just shy of practical.

Here, let me explain myself. If you haven't yet watched the video above, here's the opening:

"You know, we've always been using our hands and fingers, for counting, taking notes, and various other stuff.

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The Smarty Ring Gets Notifications, Controls Music, And Looks Cool, But Something Smells Fishy With This Crowdfunded Campaign

We've seen at least one device that could be called a "smart ring" already: the wildly successful NFC Ring. But the Smarty Ring, currently accepting funding on Indiegogo, takes the idea about five steps further. It's a smartwatch, more or less, that's made into a ring form factor. Though it's not quite as capable as something like the Pebble, and nowhere near as powerful as the watches from Sony or Samsung, the idea is surprisingly attractive.

Basically, the Smarty Ring is a bit of curved circuit board, an LED screen (or two), a tiny battery, a diminutive speaker, and a Bluetooth 4.0 radio sitting inside a deceptively nondescript stainless steel ring.

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[New App] Ringtonium Is An Absolutely Gorgeous Ringtone Editing App

I have a confession to make: I don't use ringtones. Most of the time, my phone is on vibrate, and when it's not, I insist that my ringtones actually ring. However, if I were to use custom ringtones, Ringtonium is the app I'd use to set them up. This app is beautiful. In a way that few apps are. The interface is brilliantly easy to use and accessible to even the most tech illiterate users.

Very similarly to turntable, this app might remind some folks of iOS just a bit, although this is more due to a design philosophy than any particular UI element.

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[Pure Evil] SellARing "Replaces The Ring-Ring With A 10 Second Ad," Vies For Title Of Most Intrusive Ad Network Ever

Remember Airpush, the ad network that was widely considered one of the most intrusive, irritating methods of advertising in existence (so much so that Lookout released a special app to fight it off)? Well, it looks like the folks at SellARing (pronounced "sell a ring") have come up with something even more insidious.

SellARing's ad network essentially allows associated apps to replace the familiar "ring ring" sound you hear after dialing a number with a selection of 10-second audio ads.

The service lists NBC, Walmart, Vodafone, FOX, and others as among already-enlisted audio advertisers, and boasts a booked campaign calendar for May 2012, noting that they "have demand for more Android apps," while promising five-minute integration with a proprietary SDK.

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[Quick Look] RingDimmer Automatically Adjusts Ringtone Volume Based On Ambient Sound, Saves Users From Embarrassing Disruptions

Do you find yourself constantly adjusting the volume of your phone's ringtone, or wishing that the annoying buzz of your phone's vibration could be toned down a little? Looking to solve all of your ringtone/vibration woes (while making sure you don't miss a call), Michael Pardo has introduced RingDimmer to the Android Market. The app adjusts vibration intensity and ringer volume based on ambient noise, ensuring that you never miss a call, and never have to be disrupted by an inappropriately loud ring tone.

The first thing users will notice about RingDimmer is its simple interface. When I say simple, I mean the entire app consists of one screen and two checkboxes.

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