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Today only: Ring Video Doorbell 2, Chime Pro, and Floodlight Cam bundle is $342 ($156 off) at Home Depot

Ring currently finds itself embroiled in controversy, with reports indicating that employees had unrestricted access to all camera footage until as recently as May 2018. While Ring denies this, saying staff only accessed publicly-shared videos in Ring's Neighbors app, the news has a lot of people on edge. That being said, Ring's products were best-sellers in the 2018 holiday season, and if you can look past the unpleasantness, Ring video doorbells are a quick way to get started with a smart home security system. Home Depot is having a one-day sale on Ring products, including a bundle of the Ring Video Doorbell 2, Chime Pro, and Floodlight Cam, where you can save 30% off of the products' individual prices.

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Ring's Floodlight Cam is a security camera with an integrated floodlight, speaker, and night vision

With CES, it's more a question of who's not there, rather than who is. Ring, creators of the Video Doorbell (previously known as the Doorbot) in 2014, has a new product: the Floodlight Cam. Rather than just a security camera for your home, it is integrated with a floodlight, making it that much more useful in the dark.


The camera is WiFi-connected (what isn't in 2017?), and records in 1080p. This video is uploaded to the cloud and accessible in the Ring app. It also has 100dB speaker, apparently the loudest of any outdoor security camera on the market (useful for a siren), and a 270° motion detector, smart LED lights, and IR night vision.

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