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Lyft introduces new Lyft Lux and Lyft Lux SUV black car service

Today Lyft has announced two new black car options for the ridesharing service. They are called, perhaps unimaginatively, Lyft Lux and Lyft Lux SUV. As the names imply, each of the services is meant to be a bit more luxurious than the standard fare. If you are familiar with the term "black car," that's what you can expect: a high-end literally black luxury car manned by a capable driver.

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You can now save custom locations in Uber (besides work and home) with Saved Places

Today Uber announced their new Saved Places feature. The name is descriptive, as it gives you the ability to store selected locations inside the app, for quick selection before travel. Now you don't need to remember or search for addresses to frequently visited places via the service. Humorously enough, Saved Places even supports Emojis in names. I expect a coming flood of people labeling work as 💩.

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Uber now suggests corner drop-offs for POOL rides (in some markets)

Most of us who use Uber or another ride-share have probably been in this situation. You're in a carpool with a ton of people, and the next person up lives down a complicated string of one-way turns. You look at the route and see you're actually closer, right now, to their drop-off point than you will be for the next few minutes of bumper-to-bumper navigation. Nonetheless, you have to sit as the car winds around to the address, wasting everyone's time. Well, now Uber will recommend nearby drop-off locations for precisely these situations. Currently the feature is only live in a few places, but I can't wait.

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Lyft begins showing ride totals before you request in select cities

Ridesharing service Lyft has long had a disadvantage compared to Uber; it wouldn't show you an estimate of your ride total ahead of time. Now, the company is testing that feature in select cities across the US. The total isn't set in stone, but it should be accurate barring any unforeseen circumstances.

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Uber wants you to shower your drivers with praise through its new feature, Compliments

Tipping with real money has been something of a sore topic with Uber, so why not just tip your driver with a digital sticker and some kind words? If giving a 5-star rating is never enough, Uber Compliments is just the thing for you. Compliments are essentially glorified, digital thank-you notes.

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Lyft announces ability to add an extra stop to your ride

Lyft, also known as the second most popular ridesharing service, announced today that they will be introducing the ability to add an extra stop to rides. This feature, which main competitor Uber does not currently offer, allows riders to add an additional destination prior to setting their pickup location in the app.

The addition of this feature means that riders will no longer have to request multiple rides or ask their driver to wait if they’re picking someone/something up. Routes will be instantly updated when a destination is added.

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Waze Carpool Pilot Program Comes To The US After Initial Israel-Only Test Period

Google-owned navigation company Waze is expanding into a new area, metaphorically and physically. Last year Wave began testing a carpooling app called RideWith, which was only available in Israel. Ten months later, the company is ready to test out the experience in the US.

A name change is accompanying the move. The app Americans will install goes by the name of Waze Rider, while the service itself is called Waze Carpool.

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Lyft Is Making Waze The Default Navigation Guide For Drivers, Has Other Integration En Route

Lyft and Waze are both Android apps focused on getting you from one place to another. The former hooks you up with a driver who drops you off where you need to be. The latter is a navigation app that tells drivers how to get there. Now the two are becoming good friends.

Soon Waze will become the default navigation app for drivers, which Lyft hopes will lead to faster routes. Drivers will see a "Return to Lyft" button inside the Waze app that opens Lyft. This will enable faster switching between the two.

As for riders, Lyft can now update a driver's route in real-time within Waze.

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