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Google Search and Assistant are getting new instructional chops and deeper app/service integration

As part of the Google I/O brouhaha, Google is announcing a handful of changes related to Search and the Assistant, all of which should help you get to the information you need faster — albeit in slightly different ways. First, Search will soon support a so-called "HowTo" markup schema for web developers and video makers, which will allow for their content to appear as results in related how-to queries. Second, Google is expanding App Actions to more deeply integrate a few new types of services including health, finance, and ride-sharing into the Assistant.

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Venmo can now be used to pay for Uber and Uber Eats

Back in July, Uber announced that Venmo, PayPal's strange mobile payment service/social media feed combo, would be added as a payment method "in the coming weeks." It's been about seven weeks since then, and Venmo support has just gone live for both Uber and Uber Eats.

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The Southwest Airlines app can now call you a Lyft to the airport


Uber is testing the option to delay your ride for a lower fare

During times when a lot of people are requesting rides, Uber prices go up. It makes sense: higher fares incentivize drivers to be available to give rides during high-traffic times, which keeps customers happy. If you have more time than money, though, you'll probably be pleased to hear that the ridesharing company is testing an option to call a car for later at a lower cost.

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Uber rentals to combine comfort of being in stranger's car, joy of finding parking

Residents of San Francisco will soon see something new in the Uber app: the option to rent a car. Uber Rent will allow users to rent nearby cars from established car sharing service Getaround right from the Uber app, the companies announced today in a press release.

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Waze Carpool is now available in Washington State

Commuters in the Evergreen State have a new option for getting around: Waze Carpool is now available in Washington. Waze says it chose Washington as its new location for the program largely because the state already has a large number of Waze users, with more than 375,000 in Seattle alone.

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Lyft announces a new partnership with Aira to make ridesharing easier for the visually impaired

Lyft's been on a roll this year when it comes to adding assistive technologies to its ridesharing app. Back in April, it was still playing catch-up with Uber by adding new features to help the hard of hearing. Now it's working together with Aira, a high-tech assistive service for the visually impaired, to help make grabbing a ride easier for everyone.

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Lyft adds 7 expense management services including, Expensify, Zoho, and more

You know Lyft, right? It's the ridesharing service not currently embroiled in half a dozen scandals of its own making. While that other company is trying to turn things around, Lyft is focused on more mundane but useful things. Lyft has today added seven new expense management partners, so you can more easily forward your receipts.

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Lyft hails another Uber feature in the form of pickup suggestions

It might be a bit later than the competition, but this new feature certainly isn't unwanted. Now when you request a ride in Lyft, you might be shown alternative pickup locations to save you extra time. That way if your driver has to navigate a complex area to get to you, you can shave off some extra driving time with a short walk, and everyone gets where they're going faster.

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Uber finally adds tipping, but only in select cities to start

Uber is in damage control mode following a string of negative stories in the press. It's gotten so bad that CEO Travis Kalanick has stepped down. So now, Uber is launching a program to appease its drivers called "180 Days of Change." The first change is tipping, which somehow Uber hadn't added in its eight years of existence.

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