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Google Maps adds Lyft and Gett to ride services tab

Back in March, Google Maps added a dedicated ride-sharing tab with comparative prices. This is extremely useful if you want to compare prices easily, and of course to see what services are available in a given area.

Today, Google is improving that feature by adding support for Lyft and Gett. Google claims Maps now displays options from "9 ride-sharing partners in over 60 countries." Google also mentions that the ride-sharing tab shows multiple types of services offered by each company. For example, Lyft may also show a Lyft Line ride as an option.

Google says that options from Lyft will show up all across the United States, while Gett will be limited to New York City (which is to be expected, as Gett is exclusive to that city).

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Google planning to enter the ride-sharing business with Waze

It looks like Google is finally moving into the San Francisco ride-sharing market. According to the Wall Street Journal, the tech giant is looking to offer commuters cheaper rates (and lower fares) than the two big players, Uber and Lyft. The plan is to connect drivers and riders who are going in the same direction, instead of the on-demand service you would see with other ride-sharing services.

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Lyft Premier launches in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York City as an alternative to UberLUX

Pulling out your phone to request a Lyft will get you from point A to point B, but it won't be snazzy about it. You're looking for basic transportation, not a limosine.

But sometimes you want to make an impression. Or maybe you just want to rest your cheeks on more comfortable seats. Either way, Lyft now has an option: Lyft Premier.

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Report: Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk wants to drag US public transit and traffic management into the 21st century

American cities do a lot of things well, but public transit isn't one of them. Get outside the major metropolitan areas on the East Coast, and you're pretty much hosed without a car - try to treat cities in the Midwest or Texas or California like New York, and you'll soon walk right through your shoes. Even if you do have your own vehicle, parking and traffic can become your personal nightmare. According to a new report in the Guardian, one of the many subsidiaries inside Google's new Alphabet parent company is working on fixing that.

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Google Maps On Android Will Now Show A Dedicated Ride-Sharing Tab

Ride-Sharing is getting a promotion. Starting today, the option will appear as its own dedicated tab inside Google Maps. Here it will sit alongside driving, taking public transportation, and walking.

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Lyft App Update Adds Car Color And Directions To Its Digital Map

Maps are symbolic by their nature, but that doesn't mean that those symbols can't be user friendly. Ride-sharing company Lyft seems to have applied that principle to the custom maps in its Android application. The latest app update adds new features to the map you use when searching for a ride - now the little car markers on the map will be colored the same as the real-world car that picks you up, and the direction the car is facing as it travels is reflected on the map.

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Lyft Adds Ride History With Map Details, Price Breakdown, Tips, And Lost & Found

Remember that St Patrick's Day party where you got so rekt someone — God bless their thoughtful soul — took your phone and ordered you a Lyft ride home at 5am? Of course you don't, ha! The driver? Blank space. The total you paid? Who knows. Did you puke in the car? Probably, maybe, I suppose. And where the heck did you leave that giant green leprechaun hat? And the green clover that you used to cover your, erm, private bits when you got naked and danced on the flooDAMMIT THAT HAPPENED?!

Lyft now remembers some of these things for you. It won't exactly know what crazy shenanigans you did — those will live forever on everyone's phones, social feeds, and YouTube — but it will give you a detailed history of your rides with the service.

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Waze Launches 'RideWith' Carpool Service, Limited Availability In Israel Only Right Now

Mapping and navigation app Waze is trying something new, and as with many new things, you need to start small. So the Google-owned company is starting with commuters in the Gush Dan region of Israel. If you need a lift to work, just grab the new RideWith app and another Waze user can pick you up on the way.

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Shuddle Arrives In The Play Store Toting A Hectic Group Of Kids From San Francisco

When you're hitting up the city and need to get from point A to point B, you turn to Uber. When you're looking to transport your kids, you turn to Shuddle. Fortunately, the service is now opening its doors to Android-using families.

Never heard of Shuddle? I understand. That's because it isn't available in your area (or mine either). In what should surprise no one, its drivers only navigate around the San Francisco Bay Area. The company comes from one of Sidecar's co-founders (another company that probably doesn't support your city).

Like other ride-sharing apps, Shuddle lets you request a trip and provide payment using your phone.

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