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Uber Black is introducing an option to tell your driver you don't want to talk

Hailing a ride from a TNC app is usually easy. What's harder is managing what happens between the time the car pulls up to the curb and when you shut (don't slam!) the door. Depending on your tendencies and the driver's, there can be a lot going of yapping on between point A and point B, not to mention the detours and the literal baggage that get in the way. Well, if you happen to shell out for an Uber Black ride, you now have more ways to control how your ride goes with the tap of the app — that includes being able to snag a silent ride.

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Uber acquires Middle Eastern rival Careem for $3.1 billion

Since Uber launched its ride-hailing app in 2009, competitors like Lyft, Ola, and Didi, have been mushrooming across the world. Some of them have focused on a more regional approach, taking local cultures into account when designing their product. Careem is one of these, as the company founded in 2012 has worked on adapting its offering to the local customs, such as letting people pay by cash in countries where credit card usage isn't widespread. With a name meaning "generous and humble" in Arabic and services in line with people's way of living, Careem managed to become very popular across the Middle East.

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Lyft drivers are getting new in-app navigation built with Google Maps

Until now, Lyft drivers have had to set up a job in the Lyft app and then switch to a different one for navigation. The annoyance of having to do that will vary depending on the phone, but it's certainly not ideal. It's impossible to talk about the ride-hailing service without comparing it to its biggest rival, Uber, which has a proprietary in-app navigation system that's seen as a big advantage.

Lyft hasn't been ignoring the situation and has just announced that its own in-app navigation system is ready to go. Rather than go to the trouble of developing a solution, however, Lyft has partnered with Google to integrate its already full-featured technology.

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You can now message your Uber driver using the new in-app chat feature

Up to now, the most annoying part of using Uber is when a passenger and driver can't find each other and need to get in touch. Or maybe you want to let your driver know a specific detail about your location ahead of their arrival. There exists the option to use each other's phone numbers for a text or call, but this will come up as an unknown number for either recipient and could go unanswered. The obvious solution to this problem has finally arrived, as Uber has developed an in-app messaging service.

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