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Owlchemy Labs, makers of Job Simulator and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, joins Google

Google and Owlchemy Labs are ready to get schwifty together, as the one has now eaten the other like so many Pac-Man dots on the field of VR games. Both companies made their coordinated announcements earlier today. Google has been expanding their VR efforts pretty aggressively recently, so it's not too surprising. Although Owlchemy has produced Android games in the past, as of yet none of their VR works have been for the platform.

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[Wubba-Lubba-Dub-Dub] Pocket Mortys Takes Adult Swim's Rick & Morty To The Pokemon Dimension

If you haven't yet checked out Rick & Morty, Adult Swim's delightfully foul science fiction cartoon, you're missing out - and not just on obscure Android Police posts. The show is only two seasons old, but it's taken the Internet by storm, filling the irreverent, high-concept, mean-spirited place that Futurama used to hold. For those of you who are already addicted and waiting patiently for season three, take a portal ride over to the Play Store: Adult Swim Games just released a licensed game that drops Rick & Morty into a tongue-in-cheek version of Pokemon.

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[I'm Mister Meeseeks, Look At Me!] Help Me Get This Vinyl Skin On My Nexus 6P [Ooh, Yeah! Can Do!]

Attention citizens of Earth dimension... uh, which dimension is this one again? Anyway, all you lower carbon-based life forms down there. This is Archie Florboops the 68th, the sector representative of the Galactic Government, and I have a very important announcement to make. By the way, life on other planets exists. Try not to let it distract you.

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