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Grooveshark Closes Up Shop For Good After Long Fade Into Obscurity, Legal Mess

While it was once a pretty popular service both for their web interface and Android app, Grooveshark is calling it quits. This isn't a big surprise since their claim to fame was basically just disregarding the legal need to get the rights to music that users streamed and uploaded. Most recently in the news for having their app's Chromecast support revoked, Grooveshark hasn't been in the Play Store since 2012. Those were about that whole failure to license problem too, which was Grooveshark's ultimate undoing.

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Grooveshark's New Chromecast Feature Is Disabled By Google After The RIAA Cries Foul

Remember Grooveshark? It's OK if you don't - after all, the controversial music sharing app hasn't been available on the Play Store for more than two years after it made its amazingly brief debut. But users can still get the app as an APK download on Grooveshark's site, and last month they were thrilled to find that it supported Google's Chromecast streaming gadget. Until today, when Google unceremoniously blocked it from accessing Chromecast features...

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[Whoa!] Google Will Start Down-Ranking Search Results That Receive Too Many Takedown Requests

This may not be strictly Android-related news, but it's safe to say that what Google does to search results is relevant to our readers' interests, no? Today, Google announced via its Inside Search blog that the company will start including the volume of valid copyright removal notices as a factor in determining how high or low a site ranks in its search results. Translation: pirate sites won't be removed entirely, but they'll start ranking lower than legitimate sites.

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Video Killed The Radio Star: RIAA And NAB Seek To Force FM Radio On All Cellular Phones

As it becomes painfully obvious to the RIAA that suing individuals for music copyright infringement is about as fiscally logical as burning hundred-dollar bills to melt down pennies for copper, the now-infamous media group is seeking to generate revenue from more traditional avenues.

Both the RIAA and NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), who are often fierce opponents, are demanding US Congress pass a bill mandating the presence of FM radio receivers in all cellular phones.

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