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RHA TrueConnect true wireless earbuds review: You can do better

Everyone is trying to make true wireless earbuds these days, but most of these products aren't very good. The technology has gotten cheap enough that any white label OEM can throw together a true wireless setup that does the bare minimum. Unless you simply refuse to have wires under any circumstances, these cheap options aren't worth the tradeoffs like sync issues, poor sound quality, and A/V lag. At the high-end, there are true wireless systems that can almost match a nice set of regular Bluetooth earbuds, but there's a lot of variation. The RHA TrueConnect earbuds look like an able competitor, but the USB Type-C port can't make up for the missing features and so-so sound quality.

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RHA TrueConnect are true wireless earbuds with USB-C and 5-hour battery life

RHA probably isn't that well known outside audiophile circles, but the Scottish company is renowned for making excellent audio products across various price points. I've often recommended the RHA S500 as a great sounding pair of budget earbuds, for example. True wireless earbuds are the hot product in audio right now though, as we see the headphone jack excluded from more and more phones, so it's good timing for RHA to release the TrueConnect.

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