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AT&T releases standalone THANKS app for its rewards program

AT&T has just released a new app on the Play Store and this one is dedicated for its THANKS rewards program. Previously, Thanks was part of the myAT&T app, but now it's getting its own dedicated app, because AT&T can't settle for having just one icon in your app drawer. Gee, thanks!

Anyway, the new app lets you view available offers like Ticket Twosdays, presale on concert tickets, and free same-day delivery and setup of your shiny new devices. You can redeem any offer, track it, view a history of your rewards, and get notifications when new offers are available.

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Verizon Up is the carrier's new rewards program, replaces Smart Rewards

Today Verizon has opened up a new rewards program for its customers. It is meant to replace the company's older Smart Rewards program, which also ended as of today (though points remain valid for use until November). The new system is called Verizon Up, and it's a very different kind of rewards program.

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