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Supreme Court closes online sales tax loophole

The Supreme Court just handed down a decision in South Dakota v Wayfair, Inc. that states can force online retailers to collect sales taxes from purchases. This overturns a decision from 1992 that mandated that states could levy taxes on businesses only if they had a brick-and-mortar presence within that state's borders.

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Here's where to pre-order the Google Home Mini

At its San Francisco event today, Google unveiled a bunch of new products, including the Home Mini. At just $49, the Mini is sure to have enticed a lot of you to finally check out Google's Home ecosystem, but you might be wondering where to get one aside from the Google Store. Don't worry; here's a list of all the retailers we've found that are selling Google's new tech-filled hockey puck.

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Amazon Cash lets you shop on Amazon without a debit or credit card.

Amazon has rolled out a new service today aimed at making it easier to shop online with cash. Well, indirectly. It's actually making it easier to turn your cash into Amazon money. Amazon Cash lets you transfer cash into your Amazon account, which can then be used to buy things from the retailer. No credit? No problem.

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Android Pay v1.4 prepares to launch streamlined loyalty signups, Transport for London integration, and discovery for apps and local retailers that accept it [APK Teardown]

If the presentations at Google I/O last month were any indication, Android Pay is growing quite quickly. Several new features were announced, but most were still only demos, not available to the public. A fresh update to the Android Pay app came out yesterday and a teardown reveals a few of those key features are either ready to launch or getting closer. There's also work being done on a map that will show merchants in close proximity that accept Android Pay, and a shortcut already showing up that will direct users to apps with Android Pay integration.

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Former Googler And Motorola Boss Punit Soni Lands At Indian Retailer Flipkart

You probably know Punit Soni best from his brief run as VP for product management at Motorola Mobility when it was owned by Google. After leaving Google in September, Soni has now announced that he's found his next gig. He'll be spending the next few years in India as the chief product officer of Flipkart.


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GameStop's Android App Has Been Updated With An Interface That's Much Less Awful

As a dedicated gamer and a former cash-starved teenager, please listen to me: don't shop at GameStop. The ubiquitous American video game retailer is almost certain to overcharge for software and hardware, underpay you for trade-ins, and try to squeeze three preorders and a Game Informer subscription out of you before you leave. But for those misguided souls who insist on giving them custom (or who live in a city with no retail alternatives), the official GameStop app has been notably updated today.

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Updated app above, old one below.

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The update text on the Play Store simply says "everything," and based on cached images of the previous version, that's not an understatement.

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Square's Card Case Is Now Pay With Square, Lets You Auto-Open Tabs At Some Merchants By Dropping Your Name, Acting Like A Big Shot

You might not have heard about Card Case. It's not the most popular of Square's innovative services, but it's worth just as much attention for the average consumer. Now that it's getting a facelift, it's a good time to revisit the concept. Pay With Square (as it's now known) is an app that allows you to create and maintain tabs at local businesses by simply giving the retailer your name.

To answer your first question, no there's not a lot of places that support this payment method just yet. However, the app does have a built-in directory of the places that do support it, which is handy for new payment methods.

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Best Buy Hearts Mobile, Plans Massive Expansion Of Mobile Brand With 600-800 New Stores Over The Next 5 Years

For those who have been paying attention, it's pretty clear that the mobile space is exploding, thanks largely to the rapid adoption of Android, iPhone, and, to a lesser extent, Windows Phone 7 devices. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Best Buy is planning to expand their stand-alone Best Buy Mobile brand by 600-800 locations over the next five years.

Best Buy's been a fairly major player in the Android space, often offering phones at a steeper discount than the carriers in order to attract new customers. That strategy seems to be working, so keep an eye out for a Best Buy Mobile springing up in a mall near you.

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[Updated: Wirefly's CEO Speaks Out] AT&T Consolidating Handset Retail Channels - No More Third-Party Online Discounts?

The state of North American cellular contract plans might be something that makes Europeans shake their heads in disbelief, but when it comes to phone pricing, Americans have always had it pretty good. Hand over your soul for two years, get Phone X for free (after MIR). Well, it looks like AT&T doesn't think that's the best way to go. No, that doesn't mean cheaper tariffs; don't be silly. Instead, it means more expensive phones, of course! AT&T has just about had enough with the likes of Wirefly and Let's Talk offering their phones for free online, when they could be making $200 on them in their own retail stores.

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