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Galaxy Note10 and A series prove profitable but can't cushion Samsung's weak Q3

Samsung had some rather suboptimal financial results over the last year, and the current earning calls for 2019's third quarter show this isn't quite changing. Profits fell sharply compared to the same time frame last year, but at least smartphone sales raked in some profit thanks to the Galaxy Note10 and A series.

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Samsung's mobile division had its weakest quarter since the Note 7

Samsung Electronics just published its 2018 financial results, and the figures are not looking good. Compared to Q4 2017, sales went down 20% and profit dropped 29%. The overall performance for the year has slightly progressed compared to 2018, though, with revenue up 1.75% and operating profit growing 9.77%. The Korean conglomerate's mobile division is the one with the worst realization, as both revenue and profit have decreased, comparing quarter to quarter and year to year.

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Google I/O 2016 Lottery Results Have Started Going Out

If you entered the Google I/O lottery this year, dust off your F5 keys - lotto results have started showing up in inboxes.

If you haven't received yours yet, don't worry - Google typically sends these notices out in batches. The window for registration after you receive an invite is 24 hours, so unused or declined tickets can work back into the system for the next lucky winners. And just in case you don't get a golden ticket this time, here's what the email looks like:

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Google Rolling Out A Gorgeous New 'Apps' Results Layout For Mobile

In an apparent effort to boost app discoverability and engagement, it looks like Google is rolling out a beautiful new layout for "apps" search results on mobile. Doing a quick search for pretty much anything followed by the word "apps" will get you a grid of app results above the normal search results, each block colored according to the app's icon. Clicking the "expand" button opens up the grid, with more results smoothly flowing in. Check it out in motion below.

Worth noting is that these results seem to only appear on Android for now - the download numbers and ratings of course reflect Play Store stats, and each block will take you to the relevant Play Store listing.

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New Image Search Results Layout (With Related Images) Rolling Out After Long Test

Another long design test appears to be drawing to a close for Google. After apparently beginning a wider rollout for the new mobile search UI (in testing since April), it seems that Google is making the revised image results UI final too.

This layout has been popping up since at least May, with a brighter, more crisp interface that offers more iconography, refined typography, and - yes - a section for related images.

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Google Appears To Be Testing A New Design For Mobile Image Results

Google is no stranger to testing new features or design tweaks on its live products, and search has been receiving quite a bit of attention lately. It doesn't necessarily come as a surprise, then, to see new design tweaks appearing for some users in Google's image search results.

The new design, which so far appears to be in very limited testing, offers a brighter layout for individual images - the background is a light #eeeeee as opposed to the solid black seen in its current iteration, and there's a relocated "close" button along with a new way to show image details.

In the current layout (as you'll see below), details are behind an overflow button.

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Google Testing Another Design Tweak For Mobile Results Page - This Time, It's Four Colored Dots

Google has been testing lots of tweaks for its mobile search engine results page lately. We've seen colored underlines on results cards and a rather pleasing new layout for the search bar and associated tools, and now a few users are reporting something a little strange - colored dots. We've received multiple reports of search result cards with four dots (colored with Google's signature blue, green, yellow, and red) in the lower right corner.


The colored dots, if you're wondering, didn't seem to do anything when tapped for our original tipsters, but reader Ali notes below that the dots do seem to work just like tapping on the card's URL.

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Google Maps Adds Search Shortcut For Easy Access To Reservations, Flights, And Hotel Bookings

A relatively small Google Maps update to v9.8 began rolling out last week, adding batch photo uploads and a way to restrict bookings from showing up in location screens. It turns out there was another secret feature waiting to be shown off. In the latest version, a search for one of four key phrases will pop up results related to your personal bookings. Just try asking for my events, my flights, my hotels, or my reservations to see a short list of personalized results.

2015-05-05 00.38.162015-05-05 00.38.362015-05-05 00.39.11

This functionality is new to Google Maps on Android (confirmed with v9.7.1), but it's not exactly fresh to Google.

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Google Testing New, More Colorful Search Results Layout On Mobile

Search, as the foundational product Google is known for, is obviously something the company is very thoughtful of when it comes to design. Even small changes can cause a big impact on user experience and engagements, so Google is careful about how design tweaks are implemented.

One common method of testing and easing into (or out of) design tweaks is A/B testing (something we recently saw Google experimenting with in the Google+ app). Today, it looks like Google has begun an experiment on its search engine results page when users search from Chrome on mobile devices. Rather than show results in a lineup, separated by gray lines, Google is playing with a layout that puts each result on its own card, underscored by a line colored to match one of Google's four primary brand colors - blue, green, yellow, and red.

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Laptop Mag Battery Test Shows T-Mobile Smartphones Have The Best Battery Life

The folks over at Laptop Mag have undertaken a test that really piques our interest. The results show that T-Mobile smartphones consistently get the best battery life among the big four US carriers. The difference isn't insignificant either. We're talking about a steady gap of up to three hours, depending on the phone.

In the chart below we see variation between the 2013 and 2014 versions of Samsung and HTC's flagships. The starkest void is noticeable on the S4, where T-Mobile pulled in 6 hours and 42 minutes compared to the 4 hours and 1 minute of the second-place competitor, AT&T.

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