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Nvidia's Shield TV Pro is finally back in stock

Nvidia revealed two new Shield TV devices last year, but it hasn't been able to keep one of them on store shelves. The larger Shield TV Pro has gone in and out of stock for months, so paying $50-80 over MSRP for one from eBay and other sites is commonplace. Thankfully, the Shield TV Pro is once again available from Nvidia's website at the original price of $199.99.

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US Cellular Axes Belief Project Benefits: No More Contract-Free Upgrades For Existing Customers

At a time when T-Mobile is trying to redefine the less-than-stellar reputation of wireless carriers, it looks like regional player US Cellular has taken a big step backwards. The company is no longer allowing customers to access the upgrade reward in the Belief Project, which allowed those who had completed an eighteen month contract to buy a new phone at the subsidized price without signing another contract. After July 27th, US Cellular customers will have the same old contractual ball and chain if they buy a new device at the advertised price.

The news comes from Engadget, which confirmed the change with US Cellular after being tipped by an anonymous source.

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