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Universal Studios Hollywood gets an Android app, more than 2 years after the Orlando theme park

Resorts and theme parks are one of the few touristic attractions I'd go to where I'd have the dedicated app installed and at the ready a few days before even visiting. I'd check out the map, see the different rides, and pick beforehand my musts and maybes so I don't have any regrets by the end of the day.

But if I were to visit Universal Studios Hollywood prior to today, like David did this Sunday, I would have no such luck (#DavidsLuck). The resort didn't have an Android app, unlike its Orlando sibling which has had it since June 2014. (There was a third-party app for Hollywood, but it was just down to the essentials.) Today, though, is another story.

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Google Adds 38 Run And Lift Maps From Major Ski Resorts To Google Maps, But Please Don't Use Them On the Mountain

A non-zero number of Android Police team members enjoy skiiing. Who wouldn't, right? Well, people who get lost for starters. Mountains can be mazes! However, Google did what Google does best and made some sense of the madness. Now you can find guides for 38 different resorts all on your mobile phone.

Lake Louise AB Canada Ski Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 3.06.27 PM 

The runs are color coded by difficulty, as they normally are on the mountain. You can view them with GPS on your mobile phone, or even check them out on the desktop before you hit the snow. A few slopes even have a Street View preview (though they're not quite as thorough as regular Street View).

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