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The Galaxy S20 will be released on March 6th, reservations now live on Samsung's site

Galaxy S20 leaks have flowed like water in the last month, but this time it's Samsung that's scooping Samsung. The company has a registration page live that allows you to "reserve the new Galaxy phone" — clearly the upcoming Galaxy — S20, and promising a March 6th delivery date.

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Google Assistant starts consolidating all your reservations and purchases in one place

It seems that every couple of weeks, there's a change to the way information is displayed in Google Assistant, its Explore page, or its Settings. When it comes to the latter, we've seen an empty Purchases pageintegrated Reminders, and a link to your Stocks page that came and disappeared. Today, there's something new showing up: Reservations (as discovered by Cody in a teardown not so long ago). Plus we have some updates on that empty Purchases page.

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Google app v7.26 beta tweaks Assistant's Action details screen, prepares bookmarking Actions, inspecting stored data, and more [APK Teardown]

Google has been pushing out new updates to its self-named app with unusual vigor over the last few weeks. Despite an aggressive release schedule, there are still quite a few additions and clues about future changes. The latest update actually brings some visible changes if you look into Actions on Assistant; but more importantly, there are a handful of clues about future enhancements to Actions, the home screen widget, and more.

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You can now book appointments at spas and salons on Google

Google is increasingly interested in expanding its reach beyond the digital world. Search results and Maps listings are more than just links and Wikipedia snippets; they often contain live info that can help you plan your day. For example, Google began integrating reservations for fitness classes into its services recently, and today that system is expanding to salons and spas in the US.

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Google Trips 1.0 lets you manually add reservations, parses bus and train tickets from Gmail [APK Download]

Google has many ways to show your travel details starting with Google Now's feed, your Calendar, and the new Trips app. The latter launched last year after a long testing period and aimed to put together your travel reservations from Gmail along with Google's destinations and recommendations under one roof to simplify your trip planning. Now it's reaching version 1.0 and brining a couple more features into the mix.

First, there's now a way to manually add flight and hotel reservations, instead of relying on Gmail. Maybe you don't want the app to go through your inbox to find these emails or maybe, like me, you're planning a trip with someone else and you're not the one receiving all the emails.

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Google Maps v9.38 adds a dedicated album for food photos and an upcoming events tab for your places [APK Download]

Google set loose a new beta release of Maps, taking it up to v9.38. This release doesn't seem to have quite as many huge features as some of the last few, but there are still a couple of cool additions. There's a new tab with a list of upcoming events, bookings, and reservations. The dedicated album for food photos from a recent teardown is now also live. There are almost always a few other hidden gems in each release, so keep an eye out for more changes and let us know if you see anything else.

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Google Maps Adds Search Shortcut For Easy Access To Reservations, Flights, And Hotel Bookings

A relatively small Google Maps update to v9.8 began rolling out last week, adding batch photo uploads and a way to restrict bookings from showing up in location screens. It turns out there was another secret feature waiting to be shown off. In the latest version, a search for one of four key phrases will pop up results related to your personal bookings. Just try asking for my events, my flights, my hotels, or my reservations to see a short list of personalized results.

2015-05-05 00.38.162015-05-05 00.38.362015-05-05 00.39.11

This functionality is new to Google Maps on Android (confirmed with v9.7.1), but it's not exactly fresh to Google.

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Pay With OpenTable Comes To Android So You Don't Have To Wait For The Check

OpenTable announced its own mobile payment program just over a year ago, which it launched exclusively on iOS at the time. Now the feature is officially available for Android.

Pay with OpenTable, as the functionality is called, lets you pay your checks using the mobile app. There's nothing to scan or swipe in order for the experience to work. The restaurant will simply receive its money digitally from the credit card you have saved. So make sure you have that entered when you're making the reservation. It's a process you should only have to go through once.


The feature is limited to participating establishments in nearly two dozen cities.

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[APK Teardown] Google Search 3.4 Hints At Timer Integration, Cards For Your Friends' Photos, And Much More

The latest version of Google Search rolled out yesterday with a couple of pretty great new features. We already know that 3.4 offers a new parking reminder, mall directories, and the start of voice commands for system settings. But there are still a few secrets worth exploring, so let's get to it!

See Your Friend's Photos

The content of Google Now tends to focus heavily on your current or future location, and as a close second, it tries to be helpful with reminders about TV shows and events. What it hasn't really done is hook into the events generated by your friends.

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OpenTable Starts Pilot Mobile Payment Program So You Can Pay Using Just Your Phone - iOS Now, Android After Pilot Concludes

OpenTable has taken much of the stress out of making reservations. Just head online, click-click, and boom - you're done. Now the company wants to bring the same convenience to paying your bill. Screw waiting on the waiter to bring you the check. Just whip out your phone, tap to pay, and be on your way.

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