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YouTube starts to implement user tagging, finally fixes replies with autofilled names

Commenting on YouTube is an exercise in frustration, and not just because of the way most people behave – that's a much longer conversation for another day. An assortment of bugs and unfinished features have been around for years and it feels like improving the comment section has been one of YouTube's lowest priorities. One of those persistent problems has been the auto-filling of usernames when you begin a reply, but now it looks like there's finally a fix in the works.

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[Update: Already live] Google is rolling out smart replies in Gmail

One of the unique features of Google's Inbox mail application was smart replies. Inbox tries to predict what the message is about, and provides three quick replies. I'll admit, I don't use it much, but it's pretty nice if you're quickly exchanging messages.

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Improved version of expanded replies in the YouTube app is being tested, no longer minimizes videos

Google is well known for testing all sorts of small server-side changes in its apps, and YouTube is one of the best examples for this. Whether it be the general UI, videos, descriptions, or comments, there always seems to be something that Google is experimenting with in the YouTube app. The popular video-sharing app's latest server-side update makes expanded replies in the comments section of videos a lot nicer.

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