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Tencent pulls PUBG from Chinese market, ready with China-friendly replacement

Reuters has reported that Tencent has pulled PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from the Chinese marketplace. In an effort to retain its lucrative player base in China the studio has shifted focus to a similar title with an anti-terrorism-theme called Game for Peace. Luckily for Tencent, Game for Peace was approved for monetization in China last month.

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Sprint commits to replace Galaxy S10 phones with LTE issues

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has been noted to have reception issues on several carriers. The problem seems to be worse on Sprint, where not only the S10+, but also the S10 and S10e are having problems with LTE. Software updates having failed to fix the problem, the carrier will now replace affected phones.

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[Update: Replaced with full refund option] Moto X4 Android One now offered as replacement for faulty Nexus 5X phones on Project Fi in lieu of crappy $53 payout

By now, you're all probably familiar with the Nexus 5X and its tendency to bootloop. This has caused some major headaches, especially to those Nexus 5X owners on Project Fi who purchased Device Protection (formerly known as Nexus Protect). However, Project Fi support is now offering the Moto X4 Android One as replacements for faulty 5Xes, which makes a lot more sense than a paltry $53 check.

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Belkin is finally replacing customers' faulty $45 27W USB-PD car chargers after 7 months

Belkin is one of the most established mobile tech accessory companies out there, but that doesn't mean it's not privy to making mistakes. About seven months back, charger wizards Nathan K and Benson Leung, along with XDA forums member mtucker, discovered a fault with Belkin's $44.99 F7U004 27W USB-PD car charger. Unfortunately, it's taken until now for Belkin to release a revised model, and the process to get one seems rather interesting.

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[Update: 70% of US employees let go] LeEco founder Jia Yueting steps down as CEO of public unit

Jia Yueting, former LeEco CEO and founder of the company, is voluntarily replacing himself as CEO from the publicly traded arm of the LeEco conglomerate, to be succeeded by former Lenovo executive Liang Jun. Over the last 6 months, LeEco has been in the news quite a lot, seemingly going from crisis to crisis after its entrance into the US market. Perhaps this latest move will be able to help LeEco regain its footing. However, Jia Yueting will still maintain control of the private branch of the company that US consumers would be more familiar with as the manufacturer of the LeMobile phones.

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[Update: T-Mo and Verizon] AT&T and Sprint are now allowing customers to swap their replacement Galaxy Note7s for any other phone

The Galaxy Note7's tendency to explode and its subsequent recall have been well-publicized, but it appears that the issue wasn't completely fixed. Following the explosion of a revised Galaxy Note7 on a (not yet in the air) Southwest Airlines flight, American carriers AT&T and Sprint are permitting any concerned customers to exchange their 'safe' replacement Galaxy Note7s for any other smartphones they have available.

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T-Mobile will resume sales of the Galaxy Note7 on October 5th

As you probably already know, the Galaxy Note7 hasn't exactly had a great launch, thanks to its tendency to explode. As a result, Samsung was forced to quickly redesign and produce millions of Note7s to send to owners with affected models. The Korean company prioritized replacements for owners with defective Note7s, and new sales were reported to restart on October 21st. However, things are moving more quickly than that; T-Mobile will resume sales on October 5th.

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The solution to random reboots on the Pixel C is... an RMA replacement

Some Pixel C owners have had a rough time with Google's flagship tablet. Problems first started appearing last month, when the scheduled over-the-air update for May (plus some Android N preview builds that had already been available) started causing semi-random reboots, usually when the tablet had gone into its low-power mode running on battery. The June update failed to fix the problem, as did the fourth version of the Android N developer preview.

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Now That Twitter Has Murdered Fenix, Finch Is A Decent (And Free) Alternative Third-Party Client For Android

So, Twitter. Hi. It's been a while. Are you people still completely screwing both the developers and the users that helped to make your platform a household name? Yeah? I kind of thought you'd get your heads out of your asses at this point, but I guess not. Since your stupid, stupid, stupid policies have killed yet another quality Twitter app for Android, ostensibly so you can continue to push your entirely mediocre first-party solution, it's time for us to look for another one.

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HTC Introduces Uh-Oh Protection Plan Offering A Free Replacement Phone In The Event Of A Cracked Screen, Water Damage, Or A Carrier Switch In The First 12 Months

In 2014, HTC rolled out the HTC Advantage, which offered a free cracked screen replacement, two years of updates, and up to 50GB of Google Drive storage space. Today, the company is going a step further. It has announced Uh-Oh Protection, which will provide one free replacement phone in the event of a cracked screen, water damage, or a carrier switch within the first twelve months after purchase.

Alternatively, if you don't get a replacement during this time frame, HTC will offer you $100 towards the purchase of your next HTC One.

Getting your replacement won't require going without a phone, either.

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