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Leaked LG V20 renders show off modular chin and dual cameras

LG has acknowledged the existence of the V20 and set a date for the reveal (September 6th). We have yet to see an official image of the phone, but renders leaked by Android Authority purport to show the V20 from all angles. It looks a lot like the LG G5, right down to the removable (probably modular) chin.

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Note 6 Leak Points To USB Type-C Port, A Curved Screen, And Maybe Finally Iris Scanning

The Galaxy Note series has always been Samsung's chance to try new stuff before bringing it to the flagship Galaxy S line, and there might be a lot of new stuff in this year's Note. OnLeaks claims to have gotten his hands on leaked CAD files for the Galaxy Note 6 (or whatever they call the nest one), and he used them to create some 3D renders. The device has a few interesting things going on, including Samsung's first Type-C port on the bottom.

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More Leaked Next-Gen Moto X And DROID Photos Appear Online

Motorola has never been very good at keeping a secret, and rumblings of its next-gen phones in the Moto X and Moto G lines have been leaking out to the Internet for several months now. Between a supposed "prototype" image and what look like rendered press shots, no one has been able to completely confirm the design of the upcoming phones, but they certainly look promising. Today the HelloMotoHK Google+ account has posted three new images, two of which seem to show a rendered version of the leaked 2016 Moto X and another that looks like a DROID variant.

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Leaked HTC One M9 Renders Surface, This Time Courtesy Of @evleaks

Evan Blass, better known around these parts as the well-regarded leaker @evleaks, has taken to Twitter (despite being retired) with a leaked thumbnail of what may be renders of the upcoming HTC One M9. We've seen purported images of HTC's next flagship surface already, but word on the street says these were dummy shells the manufacturer produced while developing the device (here's what Blass himself has to say on the matter). This leaves room for these latest leaks to still be the real deal.


It's the thumbnail on the right.

Let's address the obvious here first. There are two devices here.

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Here Is The New ASUS Nexus 7, Sporting A Fresh Wallpaper [Gallery]

Yesterday, @evleaks scored several press images of the new Nexus 7, which is expected to be revealed by Google on July 24th. Not even a day later, we now have an exclusive gallery of more recent press shots that not only offer several more angles, but also showcase what I believe is the new default Android 4.3 Nexus wallpaper which replaces the Android 4.2 wallpaper seen in the previous pictures.


The dual cameras (1.2MP + 5MP) are clearly visible, along with a notification LED, the "4:30" time which points to, naturally, Android 4.3, the oddly perpendicular for a 7" tablet word "nexus" on the back, stereo speakers mounted on the back (sorry, HTC One fans), and the manufacturer, which once again happens to be ASUS (sorry, Sony fans).

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