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Leaked renders show upcoming Nokia 7+ with Android One, plus cheap and cheerful Nokia 1

Under the stewardship of HMD Global, the revival of Nokia-branded phones continues apace. The company seems intent on filling out its Android lineup with every number one through ten, and the next devices rumored to be joining the ranks are the Nokia 7+ and the Nokia 1. Thanks to serial leaker Evan Blass, we now know what they're going to look like.

HMD's recent Nokia devices have been well supported and well received – check out Rita's Nokia 8 review, for example. The Nokia 7 was only announced in October, but it seems a plus version is already on its way, likely to be debuted at MWC 2018 in Barcelona at the end of the month.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ CAD renders have arrived, and they look just as you'd expect

Leaking smartphones is big business these days. Usually, the first information to slip out comes in the form of schematics or technical diagrams of some kind, and in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S9, those surfaced a few days ago. Next up, we're often treated to unofficial CAD renders of the device based on earlier leaked info. Right on cue, we now have such renders showing what the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are predicted to look like.

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New images of Alcatel's leaked top-tier 2018 lineup have appeared

Smartphone leaks are inevitable, no matter who you are. But they usually happen pretty close to a device's launch date, and they're usually only specific to a single product. Last month, much to Alcatel's dismay, serial leaker Evan Blass shared an image of not one but six upcoming Alcatel phones. Now, Blass has shared higher-resolution renders of those same devices.

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OnLeaks posts renders of the Nokia 9, showing off curved glass and no headphone jack

Nokia is making phones again, but most of them have been mid-range or cheaper phones. The rumored Nokia 9 will be a flagship phone, and now we have a good idea what it looks like thanks to OnLeaks' latest collaboration with Compareraja. The Nokia 9 looks like a sleek device, but the company is exhibiting an excess of courage by ditching the headphone jack.

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New render of Huawei Mate 10 shows off dual cameras and glass back

Huawei's Mate 9 was an excellent smartphone, and it was one you could actually buy in the US. We don't know where the Mate 10 is going to be on sale when it launches, but we have a pretty good idea what it'll look like now thanks to a leak from OnLeaks and CompareRaja. The render shows something very similar to several other recent Huawei phones, but hey, there's still a headphone jack.

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Renders of the Meizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus show off dual camera setup and secondary display

We've been treated to plenty of leaks recently, and the latest devices to break cover are Meizu's next flagship phones, the Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus. Thanks to serial leaker OnLeaks, in collaboration with Indian price comparison site, we're able to cast our eyes on renders apparently based on official CAD designs, as well as some details about the potential specs for the upcoming devices.

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Renders of the LG G6 appear, no Friends modules to be found

2017 is right around the corner (thank goodness), and that means new flagship phones. Courtesy of OnLeaks and Gear India, renders derived from CAD data of the LG G6 have been released, showing a black, rectangular, slab-like object.


I joke, but in all seriousness, this is a departure from the ill-fated and generally badly reviewed LG G5 and its modular concept. On the renders, we can see volume buttons, a rear-facing fingerprint scanner that doubles as a power button, dual cameras and flash on the back, bottom-firing speakers, a USB-C port, a headphone jack on the top of the phone, and what looks like a glossy, possibly glass, back, although other renders dispute this.

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Leaked LG V20 renders show off modular chin and dual cameras

LG has acknowledged the existence of the V20 and set a date for the reveal (September 6th). We have yet to see an official image of the phone, but renders leaked by Android Authority purport to show the V20 from all angles. It looks a lot like the LG G5, right down to the removable (probably modular) chin.

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Note 6 Leak Points To USB Type-C Port, A Curved Screen, And Maybe Finally Iris Scanning

The Galaxy Note series has always been Samsung's chance to try new stuff before bringing it to the flagship Galaxy S line, and there might be a lot of new stuff in this year's Note. OnLeaks claims to have gotten his hands on leaked CAD files for the Galaxy Note 6 (or whatever they call the nest one), and he used them to create some 3D renders. The device has a few interesting things going on, including Samsung's first Type-C port on the bottom.

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More Leaked Next-Gen Moto X And DROID Photos Appear Online

Motorola has never been very good at keeping a secret, and rumblings of its next-gen phones in the Moto X and Moto G lines have been leaking out to the Internet for several months now. Between a supposed "prototype" image and what look like rendered press shots, no one has been able to completely confirm the design of the upcoming phones, but they certainly look promising. Today the HelloMotoHK Google+ account has posted three new images, two of which seem to show a rendered version of the leaked 2016 Moto X and another that looks like a DROID variant.

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