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Google just struck a deal with a major auto alliance to run Android on millions of future cars

Google's been at work on infiltrating the automotive industry for a long time. It's managed to wedge its foot firmly in the door with Android Auto, which runs on a wide range of in-market cars from popular brands — but that was never the ultimate goal. After all, Android Auto essentially just mirrors features from an Android device to car's infotainment system, it's not Android running on a car. The latter, more desirable implementation is (somewhat confusingly) called Android Automotive. The Mountain View tech giant showed off its ambitions for this platform at I/O 2018. Now, it's clear the hype was justified; Google has announced a partnership with massive carmaking alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi to run Android Automotive-powered infotainment systems in millions of cars beginning 2021.

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Android Auto confirmed for Renault—8 vehicles supported with more on the way

French auto manufacturer Renault is now officially on board with Android Auto. This is obviously of little interest to US car buyers, but our European friends are probably keen to know which cars are included. After being listed merely as "coming soon" on the Android Auto site, the page now lists all current and upcoming vehicles from Renault with Android Auto support.

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