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Genesis, the luxury automobile manufacturer, now allows you to send commands to your car via the Google Assistant

Genesis, the new luxury arm of car manufacturer Hyundai, has just announced that its cars will be able to take commands from the Google Assistant. Gone forever are the days of having to wait until you are actually buckled-up to set the thermostat. Now the next time it's a bit warm out, you can let Google know to start your car and turn on the AC. 

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[OK Google, Start My Car] Hyundai Blue Link App's Android Wear Support Arrives In Latest Update

Hyundai announced at the beginning of this year that it would bring the ability to interact with its vehicles from an Android Wear device in a future update to its Blue Link app. That time has come. Now Hyundai owners can use the gadget on their wrists to remote start engines, lock doors, flash lights, honk horns, and locate cars.

Hyundai Blue Link Smartwatch App

Hyundai showed off the functionality at CES, demoing how all of this could be done just by using voice commands. It's the kind of thing that is, to use technical terms, simply cool. Many of us are still making the transition from old vehicles to newer models with their own key fobs.

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Viper SmartStart App Will Soon Start, Lock, And Unlock Cars Remotely From Android Wear

Coming a few days after Hyundai's announcement, Viper has shared its plan to bring remote start and other functionality to both Android Wear and the Apple Watch. This means that anyone willing to have the technology installed can take advantage of the feature, rather than wait around for their manufacturer to jump on board. The goods are coming as part of Viper SmartStart 4.0.

Viper is known for providing car alarms and remote start systems, which you can get from auto shops or your local Best Buy. It already lets users start, lock, unlock, and track their cars through a mobile app available in the Play Store, but soon people with Android Wear watches will be able to perform the same tasks from their wrists.

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Viper SmartStart Allows You To Remotely Start Your Car, Arm Your Home Alarm, With Your Android Device

I'm not really sure how we missed this app when it was released way back in July, because it's damn cool. A company called Directed Electronics produces an automotive remote start kit that's called Viper SmartStart, and the kicker: it's controlled via smartphones. The app was available on iOS and BlackBerry for some time before being released for Android in July, and it's some pretty neat kit - check out the video (sorry, it won't embed because it's unlisted).

You can start your car from your house, then when you get inside your (now warm) car, you can arm the alarm on your house.

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