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Google Messages v4.4 prepares reminder notifications and federated learning, expands Assistant to attachments [APK Teardown]

As we continue to wait for things like proper spam blocking and true universal RCS support for everybody, we can still look to Google Messages to bring some new features. The latest update is testing a new Assistant integration in the attachments screen, and a teardown shows that Federated Learning is growing beyond its starting point in Gboard. There's also a hint about a reminder notification that could help us deal with messages a little more efficiently.

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[Update: They're back] Google reminders are broken in search, again

Google may need a reminder on how reminders are supposed to work. Multiple users have complained about not being able to set reminders with Google search — it's a feature that has gone missing time and again over the past couple of years.

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At A Glance widget on Pixel Launcher is adding reminders and Assistant tips

One of the nicer features of the Pixel Launcher is the smart At A Glance widget that shows the date and weather most times, then surfaces important and timely information when you need it. Currently, it's the place for calendar events, upcoming flights, and traffic conditions, but it's working on adding two more types of info.

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Reminders are starting to show up in Google Assistant and Home's settings

For the longest time, it seemed like there was no sense in the madness for the way Google displays different things and settings between the Feed, Assistant, Search, and other entities, but I'm starting to spot a pattern where all of the Assistant-related features are being moved to the Assistant. Today's news falls right into that scope: Reminders are now shown along with other Assistant settings such as Shortcuts, Purchases, Home control, and more.

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Google rolls out fix for setting alarms and reminders on Google Home speakers

Asking a Google Home to set an alarm or reminder is a rudimentary use for one of those smart speakers. But it seems some users recently found that their Google Home failed to sound alarms and reminders that were set. Now Google is saying that a fix has been rolled out and those functions are working again.

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You can now set location-based reminders from Google Home

Remember how long it took Google to make reminders work on Google Home? I won't bore you by recounting the whole sage, but the wait was substantial. At least adding new reminder features isn't taking too long. We heard some weeks back about location-based reminders in Assistant for phones, but the Home release was "in the coming weeks." For once, Google actually meant "in the coming weeks." It's live right now on a Home near you.

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Google Pay Send v22 rolls out with branding changes and enables payment reminders [APK Download]

If you were around for yesterday's activities, you've already seen that Android Pay has been switched over to the new Google Pay branding, along with some upgrades to both the look and function. As part of the announcement, we were told that the Google Wallet app would be undergoing a short term rebranding of its own, taking on the name Google Pay Send. That version is now here, and unsurprisingly, it has been given some minor visual touch-ups. But not only that, it actually also got the reminders feature that was recently spotted in a teardown.

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Remindee uses Android's share button to easily create reminders

There definitely isn't a lack of applications for managing tasks and setting reminders. Apps such as Evernote, Google Keep, and Wunderlist all provide plenty of flexibility when it comes to creating, tagging, managing, and sharing reminders, but sometimes all those options can feel unnecessary and may get in the way when all you need to do is set a quick reminder. If you've been looking for something a little more lightweight, Remindee is a free app that might be worth checking out.

The app itself is very straightforward and can create a reminder from within any app using Android's 'Share' button.

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Google says recurring reminders on Android Wear are fixed (again)

The saga of recurring reminders on Android Wear has been a long and dramatic one. For the uninitiated, some saw their recurring reminders on Android Wear being regularly marked as done and disappearing without having seen them. First, it was broken, then it was fixed, then it wasn't actually fixed. But today it's fixed. Again. Probably. We'll see.

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Google Wallet v21 comes with cosmetic improvements, prepares to add reminders, multi-person requests, and Android Messages integration [APK Teardown]

The Google Wallet app hasn't seen a lot of activity in a while, but an update began rolling out late yesterday that shows that there's still quite a bit happening to the app. Version 21 brings a number of visual enhancements that make the app look a bit cleaner and not quite as formal. Under the covers, a teardown also shows that the Wallet developers are about to launch multi-person money requests for those times when everybody splits the cost, a new reminders system to keep you from forgetting to take care of business, and confirms Android Messages integration is coming soon.

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