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Wear OS now periodically reminds you to wash your hands

Frequently washing your hands is one of the best defenses against contracting (and spreading) the coronavirus. Google already came up with a horrible song for timing your hand-washing, but if you have a Wear OS watch, you'll now receive periodic reminders to get scrubbing.

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Google Messages 5.2 lets you set chat reminders

Step by step, Google is improving its Messages experience. The last addition to the app in v5.0 was a dark theme that syncs with the system mode on Android 10, but a new version brings a more substantial feature: You can now set reminders for chats.

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Google has disabled Assistant reminders for G Suite users

G Suite users have to contend with a new disappointment every few weeks. No sooner had they learned of one pointless limitation on their account than they discover a new one. The latest blow is that Assistant says it doesn't support reminders for G Suite accounts now... even though it did just a few days ago.

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Google Messages could soon remind you to reply to that text you forgot about

We've all received a text in the middle of a critical task we can't interrupt, but most of us often forget to reply to that message when we're finally able to. Google Messages might soon make it easier to remember you had to respond to your friend, thanks to an option right in the notification card.

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Reminder: You can double tap Recents to quickly switch to your previous app

Android is full of wonderful little touches here and there that we either forget or have never come across in the first place. One of these is the very neat time-saving ability to double tap the Recents button to switch to your previous app. The functionality was added way back in 2016 with Android N, and has been saving us time for two years now. If you didn't know about it though, and many of you did not, this will be your new favorite thing.

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Google app v7.20 beta hints at custom hotwords, prepares Duo account linking for smart displays, podcast download management, and more [APK Teardown]

It's time for another Google app update. The beta release of v7.20 follows the trend of making few changes to the interface or functions, but there's a lot to see in a teardown. Thanks to resources harvested from the app, there are clues pointing to a new hotword to wake the Assistant, which may finally mean custom hotwords. We can also see more updates for smart displays and podcast management. There may even be a redesigned order tracking feature coming that keeps better track of status changes.

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[Smart] Setting a Google Assistant reminder or calendar event for "tomorrow" is interpreted differently before and after 5 AM

It's 1 AM and you're lying in bed. It's been a long day and your brain is still overworked with everything you did and everything you still need to do tomorrow. To avoid forgetting things, you shout at your Google Home or Google Assistant on your phone, "Ok Google, set a reminder to read Android Police more diligently tomorrow at 10 AM," or you know, something more critical than that (HOW DARE YOU?!). Then you stop and think... it's technically "tomorrow" already, because we're past midnight, so when did Google actually set the reminder for? In 9 hours or in 33 hours?

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Reminder: You can find your Android Wear watch from your phone with Google's Find My Device

When your watch is misplaced, and the clock is figuratively and not-quite-literally ticking away as the battery slowly dies, what can you do? If you ever find yourself in that particular position, thankfully you can locate Android Wear devices in Google's Find My Device app. It only works for Android Wear 2.0 devices, and without a speaker the utility is... limited. But, the next time your sofa eats your watch, you'll have a plan. 

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Google Now's reminder system gets a speedy interface makeover

One of the handier voice commands that users can give to Google Now is "remind me to [whatever]," which will automatically start a function that adds a reminder and alarm to the cards. Follow that up with a specific time or day, and it will make the necessary adjustments to your command. Now it's even faster: the dialogue used to create a short countdown in the form of a blue line. But if you try the same command today, it will create a card instantly.

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Inbox v1.9 Adds New Compose And Reminder Home Screen Shortcuts [APK Download]

The updates came rolling in quickly this morning. Among them was a fresh bump to Google's Inbox app – the email app for people without time for email. This release was a little light on truly new features as far as the main interface is concerned, but it finally brought a feature to light we've been expecting for a few months: home screen shortcuts to jump straight into writing a new email or scheduling reminders.

2015-06-10 23.46.302015-06-10 23.58.25

The new shortcuts are called Compose and Reminders. They were first revealed during a Teardown of Inbox in early March and they appear to work as expected.

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