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Relay from Republic Wireless is an LTE and WiFi walkie-talkie that helps families stay in touch

In this age of smartphones, there is some legitimate concern over how much screen time is safe and/or healthy for children. Wherever you fall in this discussion is your business, but Republic Wireless is taking a step in helping families stay in on-demand communication without the need for a display. That initiative is called Relay, a small LTE/Wifi-enabled walkie-talkie that works wherever a phone does (including location tracking).

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Relay for reddit v8 overhauls media viewer with new features and Material transitions

As any reddit user will know, there is no shortage of reddit apps on the Google Play Store. These apps might do the same things, but they all look and act differently. Relay for reddit, one of the more popular reddit clients, was updated to version 8 yesterday and includes a host of new changes. These changes are live on both the free and pro version.

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