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Pixel 4's Motion Sense will disable itself in unsupported regions

Google says the Pixel 4's Motion Sense features will only be available in a handful of countries due to regulations surrounding the underlying Soli radar technology. Since it could potentially interfere with navigation systems and military equipment, the company is careful to make sure it won't work anywhere where it's not approved. Thus, Soli will disable itself when you enter unsupported regions.

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Qualcomm's purchase of NXP is under investigation in the EU

The European Commission has opened an investigation into the proposed purchase of NXP Semiconductors by Qualcomm. The EC's examination of the acquisition is being launched under concerns that the purchase may result in a decrease in market competition for the automotive semiconductor space. NXP is a big provider for that market, particularly when it comes to NFC and "secure element" cryptographic devices. In cars, these features are used in things like key fobs.

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Google & Microsoft Mutually Agree To Stop Tattling On Each Other To Regulators

Google and Microsoft, while not outright enemies, have been engaged in a number of public slap-fights over the years. After all: they're competitors, and Google competes with Microsoft in three areas where the company's fortunes have sharply declined (smartphones, the browser wars) or never really got off the ground to begin with (search).

Microsoft has even been engaged in lawsuits against Android and, under threat of legal action, extracted (and may continue to extract) royalties from companies that make Android devices. Microsoft also helped lead the charge in what was likely the impetus that eventually caused the European Commission to file antitrust charges against Google last week.

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