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[Update: Clarification] Google Play refund decision wait estimate skyrockets from 15 minutes to 4 days

In regards to refunds requested through Google Play, the 15-minute decision was always somewhat of a feature to me. Knowing that you can get your money back quickly if something goes wrong with a paid app or an in-app purchase has always been nice. However, Google has now increased the refund decision wait estimate to four days.

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Here's how Google Assistant can help you get a Play Store refund

In one of those TIL moments, it turns out that you can ask Assistant for a Play Store refund. That's cool, right? The big caveat (for some of you) is that you must be using US English for this. Otherwise, here's what Google says to ask/tell Assistant to get the process rolling.

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Google trims return period for defective movies, books, and TV shows from 120 to 65 days

In a odd turn of events, Google has decided to reduce the return window for defective movies, books, and TV shows bought in the Play Store to 65 days. Originally 120 (or unlimited for books), this change is interesting to note with the impending holidays (and hopefully an influx of Google Play gift cards).

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LG is issuing full refunds for some malfunctioning Nexus 5X phones

Most of the time when a customer sends a gadget in for repair, under warranty or otherwise, the manufacturer will either fix the problem with the original unit, issue a refurbished unit that's also been fixed, or (if supply and/or time is low) send out a new one. None of those three options seem to be available for certain ailments of the Nexus 5X. According to an Android Police reader and several posters on the dedicated 5X subreddit, LG is issuing full refunds for owners that are suffering from a particular malfunction that causes a "boot loop" and an unusable phone.

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OnePlus 2 64GB Price Permanently Settles Down To $349 ($40 Lower), Refunds Will Be Issued For The Past 15 Days

OnePlus has been trying to get its ducks in a row for the past few months, slowly fixing most of the issues people have had with its ordering and shipping process by no longer requiring invites to buy phones and providing free shipping on orders above $100. Now it's back with another enticing reason to buy its OnePlus 2: a $40 price drop.

The phone, which launched in July, came in two different configurations: 16GB storage with 3GB RAM and 64GB storage with 4GB RAM. The former doesn't seem to be available anymore, and the latter which was priced at $389 at launch is now down to $349.

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Republic Wireless Introduces New Refund Plan, Will Pay You Back For Data You Don't Use

Republic Wireless is changing up the way it charges for data. Today the company has unveiled its new refund plan that encourages customers to use less cellular data and save money.

Here's how the Republic Refund Plan works. First you pick a base plan. $5 limits you strictly to Wi-Fi. $10 gets you unlimited talk and text over a cellular network.

Then you add on however much data you think you need. Only want half a gigabyte? That's $7.50. 1GB is $15. 3GB goes for $45. If you end up needing more, you can purchase another allotment at any time. Whatever you don't use will turn into a refund credit that gets applied to next month's bill.

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PSA: The Nexus 9 Folio Keyboard Case Has Dropped By $42 To $88 On Amazon—Recent Buyers Should Go Request A Price Match Refund Stat

The Nexus 9's folio keyboard case is an expensive accessory, even by Google's standards. The product, which both protects the tablets and supplies a Bluetooth keyboard, comes in at $129.99. But Amazon has recently dropped its price to $88, a difference of $42.

Screenshot 2014-12-05 at 10.24.00 AM

The case is already out of stock, but if you recently purchased one at its previous price, you can get Amazon to refund you the difference. Artem was able to get a refund despite pre-ordering one back in October, just by contacting customer support.


Some stores may be willing to price match Amazon if you make the request, but that's an experiment you will have to try for yourself.

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Sprint Drops On-Contract Nexus 6 Price To $249, Will Issue Refunds To Those Who Ordered At $299

Sprint has lowered the price of its on-contract Nexus 6 from $299.99 to $249.99. This brings the carrier's asking price in line with AT&T, who previously sold a near identical version for $50 less. The full cost of the phone has also dropped down to $648, making Sprint's version one dollar cheaper than what you find on Google Play.

Screenshot 2014-11-20 at 10.15.20 AM

This comes as good news to future Sprint customers, who can now save themselves the potential headache of buying from another carrier without having to fork over extra money (ignoring all the extra moolah it takes to sign a two-year contract in the long run versus paying for a phone outright, an option that isn't actually available yet on the site).

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Google Issues Refunds And An Extra $5 Play Store Credit To Android Users Who Bought The Phony 'Virus Shield' App

One of the more far-reaching Android Police stories this year was our exclusive write-up of Virus Shield, an impressively popular anti-virus app that managed to make it to the top of the Play Store's sales charts in less than a week, despite the fact that it did absolutely nothing. After digging into the app's code, Artem Russakovskii and various Android Police readers found that it was nothing more than a few images and a toggle. Virus Shield racked up more than 10,000 downloads at $3.99 a pop, and the app was removed from the Play Store hours after our story was published.

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Tiny Thief Pulls A Bait And Switch, Runs Off With Your Original $2.99 And Goes Freemium [Updated]

Update #1: Rovio has since taken to its blog to address the issue. Regarding Android in particular, the company has this to say:

On Android the issue occurs because, for technical reasons, the purchase history cannot always be restored on that platform. Our customer support is aware of the issue and we would recommend contacting us at [email protected] to anyone who is still experiencing this.

We've reached out to the company for further clarification.

Update #2: Rovio has confirmed that previous customers should still have access to the original five levels without having to buy anything again, but it encourages them to contact its support line rather than wait for the app to recognize their purchase history.

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