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Android Developers site gets a fresh coat of (white) paint

Google's been updating a ton of its services with new looks recently, including the modern new Gmail UI that landed earlier today. But this year's spring cleaning isn't just about refreshing things for consumers. Developers are also getting a bit of love. Google has just updated its Android Developer site with a new design. 

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Refresh button for Play Store updates is now in testing

One of the more annoying aspects of the Play Store is that you can't manually check for app updates. We already covered how Google is testing a new installed apps screen, but we didn't get a look at one of the best aspects of it - a refresh button.

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Facebook helped make Chrome's page refreshing up to 28% faster

Back in Chrome 54, Google introduced changes to the way pages are reloaded. The change was partially thanks to Facebook, who has been working with various browser vendors to improve browser caching. While the change isn't brand new, Google and Facebook are eager to share how well it has been working.

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Groupon Gets Material-Inspired Refresh In Latest Update

Adoption of material design appears to be on an upward trend. It seems that every few days we hear news about another app refreshing its design with some inspiration from Google's new aesthetic, with some apps using the design language at launch. This is great for users who have been hungry for a more unified, cohesive design language on Android.

Continuing the trend, Groupon has introduced its update to version 15.2, heavily inspired by material design. The update, while just a 0.1 version bump, greatly refines the app's interface. The tab bar is now colorized and brought into line with Google's recommendations, and the app has adopted the new navigation drawer, including an account switcher and simple iconography.

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[Rumor Smash] NVIDIA's SHIELD Tablet To Be Refreshed This Summer - Don't Hold Out For A New Model In March

Earlier this week a report surfaced about a successor to NVIDIA's high-powered SHIELD Tablet coming "within a couple of months," to be announced at the GPU Technology Conference starting on March 17th. The report claimed that the new SHIELD Tablet would be using NVIDIA's next-gen mobile chipset, the Tegra X1, which was announced at CES 2015 without any accompanying smartphone or tablet.

A new generation of SHIELD hardware powered by the Tegra X1 is a no-brainer - despite tepid interest outside of the Android and gaming communities, NVIDIA has shown no sign of slowing down its first-party mobile brand.

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Secret Gets Big Visual Refresh In Update To Version 11, Including A New App Icon

Secret is a social network that doesn't connect you with other people, it connects you with their semi-private thoughts. People send their musings out into the Internet anonymously, where folks in their community or the far reaches of the globe can respond. It's intended to be a safe place to communicate about things you may not want to associate with your name.

The latest version of the app comes with a complete refresh. We're not talking a material makeover. There are bright new colors all over the place, sure, but the changes here reach out far enough to impact the app's icon.

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Google+ Auto-Refresher From Erwin Goslawski, The Author Of RepetiTouch, Available Early Through [APK Download]

Out of the box, so to speak, Google+ users must manually refresh the site to see new posts. This may not be a problem for the average Joe, but there is no shortage of people who want the latest posts injected straight into their feed with no effort from their part. Some may even want to have a spare tablet that they use to monitor the network 24/7. If you're such a person, you've come to the right place. We understand, and we're here to help.

Developer Erwin Goslawski of RepetiTouch fame has developed an auto-refresher for Google+ that will keep your feed fresh and current.

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Completely Redesigned Foursquare App Hits Google Play With A New Focus On Personalized Recommendations

There comes a time in the evolution of every tech company where things just need a refresh. For Foursquare, that time is now. Last month the company branched its core app into two separate offerings, with the friends-hanging-out portion taking the name of Swarm. Now the mainline app's refresh has arrived, and it's all about delivering personalized recommendations. Think more Yelp and less Twitter.

The new Foursquare wants you to find places, food, and things that turn you on. It does this by asking for as many specific keywords as you can come up with, at which point it will take it from there, tossing up suggestions and learning from the ones you like.

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Google's MyGlass App Jumps To Version 3.0 With Slick New Interface, Bug Fixes

As promised, the companion app to Google Glass, MyGlass, got a big update today. The bump from version 2.2 to 3.0 allows for sharing from Maps directly to Glass, but is otherwise purely aesthetic. Users will enjoy a slick new interface centered around a slide-out menu, which breaks out the Glassware Gallery, your active glassware, device info, and selected contacts into separate views.

This arrangement is infinitely more friendly than the previous interface, and glassware is now displayed more richly, with example screenshots in each listing along with a brief description and rundown of permissions. We've yet to see the long-awaited "Boutique," but in the meantime, the few official pieces of glassware available through MyGlass are now shown off better than ever.

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Twitter App Update Adds More Crop Options, Reminders To Tag Your Friends, And Featured Tweets On Refresh

If you use the official Twitter app for Android... dear God, why are you using the official Twitter app for Android? Stop reading this story and go download a better client. If you simply can't be torn away from mediocrity, you'll find a few new options the next time you update Twitter in the Play Store. Chief among them is a new crop tool, with easy shortcuts to Square ("Instagram mode"), Wide, and Original.

2014-01-28 01.24.27 2014-01-28 01.24.37 2014-01-28 01.24.52

According to Twitter's blog post on the update, you should see reminders to @reply friends before you post, which didn't happen for me (maybe you need photos of people).

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