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Anker's compact 15,000 and 20,000mAh power banks down to $34 and $42 on Amazon (16-22% off)

Smartphones are getting increasingly powerful and capable, which means they also need more energy to last the whole day. Battery sizes are growing as well, but they're seldom large enough to keep your handset up until nighttime, especially when you're traveling and using your phone to find your way, take pictures, and look up places to visit. Power banks are a convenient way to fill up your phone on the go, and thanks to this deal on Anker's PowerCore Redux power banks, you'll be able to charge your device wherever you are.

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Google bought a U.K. sound startup specializing in haptics and turning surfaces into speakers last year

According to a recent article by Bloomberg, late last year Google sneakily picked up a U.K.-based startup called Redux that was working on some snazzy tech which can turn surfaces—like the screen on a phone or tablet—into speakers, and even provide more focused haptic effects. The precise date of the acquisition isn't certain, but according to Crunchbase, the deal was announced last August. 

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