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DJI Announces The Phantom 4 With Smart Collision Avoidance, New Automatic Flight Modes, And A Host Of Other Improvements

Whether you call them UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), RPAs (remotely piloted aircraft), or drones, there's no denying that they are making waves. It's hard to bring up the subject without specifically talking about the DJI Phantom series. In the year since it was announced, the Phantom 3 has become the crowd favorite among photographers. Today, DJI announced the brand new Phantom 4, and it includes a boatload of improvements and new technology over earlier models.

The Phantom 4 looks a lot like its predecessors, but almost every aspect has been touched up or completely redesigned. The chassis is both stronger and lighter thanks to a new magnesium core, which should help in the event of a collision and hopefully bring up the flight time just a bit.

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YouTube App Starts Introducing A New Record And Upload Screen And Updated Camcorder FAB For Some Users

Have you compared YouTube on your phone to YouTube on a friend's phone lately? There are better than average chances that the two are at least slightly different. The video consumption app is a bit like a snowflake, at least in the sense that it's not the same experience for any two people. The latest experiment for some users is introducing a new icon for the floating action button (FAB) and an entirely new screen for uploading content to YouTube.

2016-03-01 14.59.592016-03-01 16.35.35

Left: older look. Right: new look.

There's not much of a change to the FAB itself, just a new icon. The somewhat generic upload icon has been replaced by a camcorder.

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Cerberus Website Gets A Substantial Material Redesign

Some of you may think of Cerberus as a three-headed dog that guards the gates of Hell. Others may think of a service that can track down your phone and lock it as necessary. One of the two has decided to embrace material design.

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A Closer Look At The More Product-Centered Google+ On Android (And, Yes, The Bottom Tab Bar)

Many a double-take were... taken? when the brand new Google+ redesign was unveiled. Not because the design didn't look great, or didn't perform well (as we know, the website is highly responsive and super speedy), but because of an interface element that appeared on the new Android app - the bottom tab bar.

Not since the days of holo have we seen the split action bar in Google's apps (unless you count the bar in Keep), so it seemed odd to find a bottom tab bar so prominently featured on almost every screen of Google+ in 2015. But there's more to the tab bar than just its unfamiliarity on the platform.

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Google App For Android TV v2.0 Updates The Search Interface To The New Brand Style [APK Download]

Out with the old and in with the new. That's just about the best way to describe the latest update to the Google app for Android TV. Version 2.0 doesn't seem to bring much in the way of features, but what it lacks in functional changes is more than made up for with visuals. Basically everything having to do with a search interface looks at least a little different, if not completely. If you're eager to try it out for yourself, there's an APK Mirror link at the bottom. Otherwise, take a gander at a few screenshots below.

What's New


New microphone – Left: old version, Right: new version.

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Google+ Rolls Out Updates To Web Redesign, Including Three Column View And Replying To Comments In Context

The Google+ redesign from last week may look pretty, but it's also missing a lot of features that were available in the classic layout. This is true of every product revamp or relaunch: there will always be a tradeoff between getting all the bells and whistles of the new version and keeping the things you're used to on the old one. There's a whole help page that lays out most of the changes and features that the redesign still lacks, ranging from the simplification of profile pages to the (temporary) removal of polls from the web version. Fortunately, upgrading is still entirely optional, so for now you can stick with the classic version of Google+ if that suits you better.

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[Update: How To Get It Now] Google Begins Rolling Out New Google+ Design With Big Focus On Communities And Collections

Google consists of at least one, maybe two, trillion departments, and they each adopt new visual styles at their own pace. Even then, interfaces can vary from one device to another. Google+ looks one way in the Android app and another way entirely when you sign on from a PC. Now this particular Google department is pushing out a more unified look across devices, starting with the web.

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VUDU Jumped From Version 1.5 to 4.1 With A Huge Interface Revamp That Makes It Look Less Like A Holo Relic

VUDU might be one of the lesser popular video streaming services, but it's still used and loved by many loyal customers. Its Android app, however, wasn't that good. It was functional, we'll give it that, but it was slow, not quite responsive, and stuck in the Holo era of Android app design. That was version 1.5. Today, the app jumped to 4.1. Whoaaaaaaaaa.

So what we've got here is a complete revamp of the app, from the interface side and the backend side. VUDU is now faster, more responsive, and more efficient. It supports HD and HDX videos, has better search suggestions, a portrait mode on smartphones, and improved Chromecast casting.

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Google Fit Website Gets A Big Material Design Update

Did you visit Google Fit's website back when the service first launched? It was a bare bones affair. The screen was mostly gray, and you were presented with the same information you saw inside the app, only tucked away on the left side of the screen. There really wasn't much reason to pay it any attention, so we didn't.

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[Update: APK File] eBay Announces Its Version 4.0 App Update With A Complete User Interface Redesign and A New Focus On Selling

A few weeks ago we told you about an upcoming update to the official app for discount retailer and occasional auction service eBay. It looks like the company is ready to roll out version 4.0, for both Android and iOS. Well, almost - though the company has officially announced the update, it seems they're dragging their heels in actually getting it to the Play Store. Our reliable readers have yet to upload an updated version to APK Mirror, so we're assuming that it simply isn't available at the moment.

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