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Sync For Reddit Gets Massive Update To V11, Rebuilt From The Ground Up For Material Goodness

Reddit apps are a hugely popular type of app in the Play Store - from Relay to Slide, reddit is fun to the official reddit app, there's one for every use-case. Today one of the most downloaded reddit apps, Sync for Reddit, is getting a huge update to version 11, bringing a full material redesign that has been written from the ground up. The update has been available in an alpha format since January, but this is the first release to anyone who uses the app.


  • This is it, the big one!
  • Material animations & transitions
  • Automatic subreddit theming
  • Automatic comment caching
  • Inline link previews, no more risky clicks!
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[Update: APK Download] Reddit Finally Releases Its Official Android App And Gives Free Reddit Gold For Early Adopters

There's no shortage of Reddit applications for Android on the Play Store, most of which are excellent in terms of design and functionality and cater to different types of Reddit users. But no matter how many third-party clients are available, there's always a special place for official apps, ones that come straight from the site/service/network and provide a home-brew perspective on what the experience should be like on mobile.

Reddit has been hard at work improving its mobile presence, first with a new beta mobile site and second with an official Android app which was leaked a couple of months ago and is now finally official.

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Reddit's Official Android App Released To Private Beta Testers

In an announcement, Reddit's CEO said that they are launching an official Android beta, which for the time being is a closed beta. Of course, these kinds of things have their way of ending up in the public eye. The current development version, similar in appearance to the screenshot an administrator posted back in September, boasts the full spectrum of capabilities that Redditors currently have to go to third-party offerings to get.

Screenshot_20160128-132108 Screenshot_20160128-132200 Screenshot_20160128-132518

Being pretty late to the party, this beta doesn't bring anything mind-blowing to the table, at least at the current stage of its development.

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Pixel C Team Holds Reddit AMA, Discusses Name, Android N, Multiwindow Support, "OK Google" Hotword Update, And More

Like the original Chromebook Pixel, the Pixel C (which became available on the Google Store for a starting price of $499.99 yesterday) leaves many people scratching their heads. The usual criticism is that the device is too expensive for what it is, a high-end tablet hybrid meant for productivity—only one that lacks the requisite software. You could say this dichotomy is part of the Pixel brand.

Today the Pixel C team held an hour-long Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) from 11 to 12 PM PT.

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HTC Announces HTC Preview, A Program To Get Input From Users On Upcoming Software And Devices

HTC is at something of a crossroads right now. After the disappointing performance of the One M9 earlier this year and steadily declining revenue, the company is launching the HTC Preview program. It's a way for users to test unreleased devices and software in order to help HTC improve them before they see the light of day. The HTC Preview team also did an AMA on Reddit to talk about the program, though they shied away from some of the tougher questions.

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Pushbullet Hosts AMA To Explain Reasoning Behind Pro Plan, Announces Tablet SMS Support

The reaction to Pushbullet's pro plan earlier this week was not what the developers had hoped for. Many users cited the $5 monthly price and removal of some free features as justification to declare Pushbullet literally satan. Pushbullet's developers have always been active in the community, so Ryan from Pushbullet (guzba on Reddit) is doing an AMA to explain.

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Some Early Cases For The Nexus 5X Cover The Primary Microphone

This generation of Nexus phones is having some teething troubles, or at least the accessories are. A few weeks after the first batch of Nexus 6P cases appeared to block the laser auto-focus module on the rear of the phone, some early cases for the Nexus 5X are showing similar problems. Redditor Brucensb showed off a photo of a Spigen-branded Ultra Hybrid case that completely covers the microphone on the bottom edge of the phone, the primary mic used when making a call. Oops.

According to the comments (which we can't independently verify) this is a problem with early cases from many popular manufacturers, including Diztronic, Cruzerlite, and Verus.

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BaconReader For Reddit 5.0 Includes Material Design Update, User Interface Tweaks, And Bugfixes

Reddit may or may not have its official Android app ready any time soon, but third-party developers are still more than willing to pick up the slack. BaconReader, one of the most popular Reddit client apps, has just been given a major update. The 5.0 release includes a much-belated Material Design user interface adjustment and no small amount of other changes, both user-facing and behind the scenes. Here's a quick comparison of the older version to the spiffy new Material Design layout:

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[Confirmed] Nexus 6P Has Latest Gen Samsung AMOLED Panel

The Nexus 6 was a pretty good device when it was released last year, but it was not without its flaws. One glaring issue the phone had was an AMOLED panel with sub-par white balance and color reproduction. Well, it seems the Nexus team heard your complaints and confirmed on Reddit that they have addressed the problem by outfitting this year's flagship, the Nexus 6P, with the latest gen Samsung AMOLED panel.

What's more, they also spent a considerable amount of time fine tuning the white balance and color gamut on the panel to give it the highest amount of accuracy possible.

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Official: X In Nexus 5X Stands For 'NeXus,' P In 6P Represents 'Premium'

Hiroshi Lockheimer of the Google team that build the Nexus 5X and 6P is currently answering questions in a Reddit AMA, and one that came up concerns those mysterious letters at the end of this year's devices. Rather than releasing the Nexus 5 (2015) and Nexus 6 (2015), Google tacked on the letter X to the former and P to the latter.

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